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Young Champions' Programme

For children as young as 4 to 17 years old [Areas covered: Athletics, Basketball, Soccer, Floorball, Hockey, Swimming, Netball]

Weight Management Programme

The Weight Management Programme helps you achieve your ideal weight.

Running & Sports Coaching (Performance & Health)

To help sportsman whether Long Distance, Sprints, Long Jump, High Jump or any other Ball Games

Our Edge

We structure our programme based on research done by Coach Rameshon to help athletes achieve their best.

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Shoulder Stand for Running (Salamba Sarvangasana)

By Rameshon Importance of doing Supported Shoulder Stand – The Queen of Yoga Revitalisation of the Whole Body During my competitive years, when I was training very hard, one such

Head Stand (King of Yoga) – How to do it! (Part 2)

By Rameshon In Hwa Chong Institution, in the past, I was asked to do Health and Fitness as a teacher in – charge, besides taking track and field and cross –

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