2019 Stanchart Marathon – Weather – Hot Versus Cold (Part 3)

2019 Stanchart Marathon – Weather – Hot Versus Cold (Part 3)

2019 Stanchart Marathon – Weather – Hot Versus Cold (Part 3)

By Rameshon

Bsc (Hons) PE and Sports Science, Loughborough University of Technology, 1992-1994
Masters in Education, University of Western Australia, 2005-2008

Picture 1- Jonathan Kang, due to dehydration had to stop in Stanchart Marathon, in the past, for safety reason due to hot weather.


It is wise to know the difference between humidity and weather as it can help one in performing. In this essay, I shall explain, not on humidity, but on weather, in layman’s term, so that one is focused in does the best from the understanding, and also being aware, such that one can manipulate a situation to help in one’s running performance.
If the weather is hot, we sweat even while standing. It is good to avoid exercising at a time between 10 30am and 3 30pm, as the sun sends harmful rays to earth plus make the weather more hot than usual. As such, it is good to hydrate ourselves with water such that our body does not get overheated. When we run, we lose a lot of water. Water forms as perspiration to cool the bodily system down and act as ‘air condition’ for our body, so that our body does not get overheated, and one can focus on performance. The fitter one is, the faster one will perspire to cool down the system of the body, in order such that speed is not compromised. Usually, in the morning, it is cooler, and it is easier to perform. In the evening, when the sun sets, it is also easier to perform, as it is cooler.
So, weather,  in simple terms, means that the whether is cooler or hotter. Discounting humidity, the cooler the weather it is easier to run faster, as we do not lose much fluid. In hot climate, we lose a lot of water and sweat from blood that comes out as perspiration, and this in turn affects the oxygen transport system, as blood becomes constricted. So, it simple terms, when it comes to weather, it is good to run in cooler weather.

Note : 
By Narayanan
Rameshon has taught in Hwa Chong Institution, plus several schools, and Republic Polytechnic as well. He has won many accolades and he was awarded Merit Award for 1991 marathon performance in breaking the national record of Singapore, at that time. He has made 22 male athletes to do sub – 3 hours do marathon in sub-3hrs. He has made 7 female runners to do sub-4 hours for marathon, as well. He was inducted to the ‘Roll of Honour’  by the then College of Physical Education, organised by Singapore Olympic Academy, in 1998, for breaking the National record repeatedly 4 times, till he did 2hr 24min 22sec).

He also has Coaching group and he trains them on Tuesdays and Thursdays, 7pm at Botanic Gardens. Those interested can call him at 91004369 for coaching assistance, to improve performance. There is also personal training that he does for many in a week. You can e-mail him at m.rameshon@gmail.com or swift.rameshon@gmail.com.


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