My 2XU Half Marathon Run in 1hr 28min 13sec Posted on April 19, 2018

By Rameshon


Picture 1 – Team Flexifitness in 2XU Race

In year 2011, I come to know that after 40 year of age, that a person can get injured easily, especially at the knee area, as there are ligaments and meniscus found there. Ligaments are involved in movements and meniscus for stabilisers.

After getting 3 years of injury at the knee area, using correct technique and correct posture, I finally come out of injury.


Picture 2 – Half way in 1hr 55min, and 2018 Hong Kong Full Marathon in 4hr 12min. 

In year 2013, I came in first in Singapore veteran category, and 10th in the International category.

After that, I was coaching most of the time. It was good to see several people improving. The training changed in terms of using the knowledge of heart rate, and applying cadence.

I started running more as there was more time to train from February, March and April. My weight went down from 68kg to 58kg. My age is now 53.


Picture 3 – (Left) Tan Mariviv and I, finishing in 2XU Race, happy to see the sub-1hr 30min time. 

My speed from 5min per km in running and rest 1min, for 5km, was slow. When I kept training, I was able to do a 4min in 1km for 2km, and I could do it for 3 -5 times.

I then felt confident to run in the 2 XU half – marathon. Since, I was also running with Tan Mariviv, it gave me a kind of assurance to run as she was slightly quite faster than me.

On the day of the race, I believe that the thorough warm up that I did, gave me the strength and endurance to do well in the race, as I expected a 1hr 40min.

When the gun went off, I did 2m 08sec for the first 500m, and then I did 4min 08 for the 1km mark, using Garmin. From then on, I was going steady for the whole race. As the pace was constant, I felt that I should be doing a 4min 20sec pace per kilometre.


Picture 4 – Running in the 2XU on road side. 

Finally, at the last stretch, I sprinted with Tan Mariviv, who came in women open 4th position. Many runners and friends shook hands with me as they were happy to see me running. I was very happy to do a sub – 1hr 30min. I believe that I can run faster than this in the future.