2XU Run 2018 – Andreas Wenger and Tan Mariviv – Clinch Top 4 Position Posted on April 9, 2018

By Pramod Kukanur


Picture 1 – Flexifitness Runners at 2XU Run 

The half – marathon race in 2 XU Run, started at 4 30am sharp. Coach Rameshon smiled and said, ” I saw Andreas Wenger, somewhere before the 10km of the half-marathon race, right in front of the lead pack.” “At the same time, our young, 18 year old, female runner, Tan Mariviv, was trying out half-marathon for the first time.”” There was no expectation for Miss Tan, but to cross the finish point with a decent 1hr 40min, at least, for her standard, and fitness.”


Picture 2 – Andreas receiving the prize

Andreas, who ran for Flexifitness, finished with a fast time of 1hr 19min 48sec, for net time. Eventually, he came in third for the Men Open race. Mariviv, also another runner from Flexifitness, did a time of 1hr 28min 13sec, in Women Open category. Coach Rameshon told,” It is impressive performance by the two, as they rose to occasion.” ” I feel that I am in cloud nine.” ” The important thing is that both have been focused although they were heavily involved in their work life and study life, going through stress.” ” You know, balancing is a problem, and it is important to have discipline and the two just have it, although they are too tight for time.” Coach Rameshon told me that he was very impressed on the high level focus both athletes had, especially in not getting distracted from the direction of goal.


Picture 3 – A running photo of Mariviv at the 2XU run

When Mariviv was asked on her run, she told,” It is my first half-marathon run and I enjoyed the run. I  would like to thank Coach Rameshon and our fellow Flexifitness teammates too.” I am happy that finally, Coach Rameshon ran, and he said that he did a season best.” ” This is good for us”.


Picture 4 – A running photo of Rameshon at the 2XU Run

“This is good news, considering the fact that we just had the National Schools’ Cross Country Race and our runner Ruben Loganathan posted the fastest time for the day,” so said Coach Rameshon.

Other results of 2XU Run 2018 of our group members are given below, to show that we train people for health, fitness also, not just for performance. We aim to achieve progress in anyone like sports.

2XU Run 2018 (Other athletes results)


Nikhil – 26min 26sec

Nikhita – 36min 34sec

Carol – 27min 32sec

Terence – 36min 40sec


Ruben (10km) – 1hr 02min (easy run as he is running 3000m Steeplechase finals Nat Schools.

Sri Ram – 1hr 26min 29sec

Nora – 1hr 03min 17sec

Krishnan – 54min 32sec

Trevor – Ran in 10km


Sumathy – 2hr 28min 18sec