SEA Games medalist tested positive for a banned substance. Posted on September 5, 2017

SEA Games KUALA LUMPUR : The Star reported that a foreign medallist, not Malaysian, has been tested positive for a banned substance.

This has been confirmed by Kuala Lumpur 2017 medical and anti-doping committee head Dr S. S. Cheema Council of Malaysia (OCM) and secretary Low Beng Choo confirmed that Games organisers had been notified on. 

In the competition, almost all medalist were tested and there were random testing during the Games, for the 2 weeks duration.

The name of the athlete tested positive for a banned substance has not been mentioned yet.

Hence, it is important for an athlete to do the doping test assigned by doping test agencies, not keep missing them and evading the doping testers, citing reasons which are not valid. If an athlete keep evading the testers, and lies, it is wise not to send him or her for any Games. Bringing dishonour to the family and country is not an option if one fails the doping test.