Heng Kheng Sheng – 3hr 17min in Hong Kong Marathon 2018 Posted on January 28, 2018

By Tan Mariviv


Picture 1 – Mr Heng running in the StanChart Hong Kong Marathon 2018

We got to know Mr Heng through Coach Rameshon. At first, we did not notice him much. But after sometime, we realised that he is improving all the time. Athletes here felt that he likes to train hard. He has been training consistently and we can see from the results. We were surprised that in Hong Kong Marathon 2018, Mr Heng did 3hr 17min 59sec, as compared to his last year’s time of 3hr 50min. This is a tremendous progress. We would like to share his interview answers to you. We hope that you  will enjoy by reading his answers.

Interview with Heng Kheng Sheng

How was your run at the Hong Kong Standard Chartered Marathon 2018?

I didn’t do well for my Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon 2017. Therefore, I am very happy and surprised that I got a personal best of 3hr 17min for this Hong Kong Standard Chartered Marathon Race 2018.

What was your goal for the run?

After my poor showing at the StanChart (Singapore) 2017, my confidence was low. I was hoping to finish the race at 3hr 45min, as I know it’ll be a hilly route and I thought it’ll be hard to get a personal best for me. My previous personal best (pb) for Hong Kong marathon was 3hr 50min last year 2017. The pb prior to that was 3hr 32min on the flat route Gold Coast Airport Marathon 2017.

How was the terrain and organisation of the race?

The collection of race pack was fast, well organised and efficient. On the day of the race, travelling from my hotel to the starting point was easy, as the MTR operated a lot earlier. There were abundant of portable toilet that can be found at the starting point, and the usher are able to guide us to the starting pen easily. Lastly, without delay, the race started on stated time. There is also abundant of ice cool water and sport drinks were given along almost every 4km of the route. It’s a hilly route with lots of up and down slope. The most challenging part was when we are about to leave the cross harbour tunnel, that slope was a killer. The route was well planned, without any bottle neck congestions although, there were a lot of runners.

 Was the weather good?

Awesome weather, starting of the race was around 16 degrees. Humidity was low too.

Can you share with us the progress you have made before and after joining Flexifitness?

Was 3hr 50min last year in Hong Kong Marathon 2017, and to achieve 3hr 17min 59sec for this year’s is a massive surprise improvement for me. Under the guidance of Coach Rameshon and training with Flexifitness teammates’, they keep me motivated and makes me want to improve even more. The weekly hill and speed trainings really helped a lot.

What is your future race or target?

I am still considering if I should sign up for Gold Coast Airport Marathon 2018. The cool weather Gold Coast route is a lot more flatter compared to Hong Kong Marathon 2018 and I am wondering if I can get another pb. If I were to sign up for Gold Coast Airport Marathon 2018, I do hope with coach’s guidance and teammates’ support, I would be able to achieve between 3hr 05min and 3hr 10min, and if possible qualify for the Boston Marathon in 2019.

Edited by Rameshon