Cougar Athletics Club – An Interview by Dr Bala Posted on December 16, 2018

By Tan Mariviv

Here I am putting the interview of Dr Bala, President of Cougar Athletic Club, thoughts on his vision and mission for the athletic members. I hope that you enjoy reading this.


Picture 1 -Group photo of Cougar Athletics After Dark Celebration 

An Interview with Dr Bala

When was Cougar Athletics Association formed and why?

Cougar Athletics Association was founded in 1999 but it was only established formally as a club on 7th July 2016. Reason being, we thought other clubs will give us some avenue, however they are not progressing so we wanted to do something different, a new kind of impetuous to track and field. That’s why we started Cougars. Then we started to get people like Rameshon, Yew Leng and some other like minded individuals to join. Any individusls are welcome to join. If athletes are with another coach, they are welcome to join too. We are totally democratic and do not force anyone. It is up to the individuals to stay or leave but the thing is we will help the athlete as much as possible.

One of the things we try to help is making the Cougar Cross Country an annual race and this year is our 2nd run. Team Flexifitness supported us a lot. Eventually we will want to organize a track and field meet. For that to come into fruition, we need more money for operational cost as we continuously try to get more sponsors onboard. Cougars Athletic Association is a non-profit organization which is athletes-centered. The club is formed by founders who enjoys running and the club is a family of like-minded people. Hopefully, we can do a track and field meet soon but the annual Cougar Cross Country race will still go on.

Picture 2 – A surprise award by Dr Bala given to Coach Rameshon for his selfless and invaluable contributions to Cougar Athletics Club

What do you think about having this function?

After dark, is a get-together function which will be held frequently. We want to get like-minded people in to not only train and compete but also be able to have fun as a family. Regardless of a big or small group size, we are happy to have like-minded people coming together.

Picture 3 – Cougar Athletics Club – It is about teamwork and it is for passionate athletes

How was the recent Cougar Cross Country Race?

It was fantastic. The first cross country, people were apprehensive and skeptical but after their first run, they know the race was organized well and so was this year’s. From the first race in 2017, people liked it and so this year, we have more participants. Many records were broken too as we were very fair and just. Cash prizes were given to athletes to encourage them. The money comes from Team Flexifitness and other kind donors. We look forward to having more participants next year.

Picture 4 – Dr Bala and Coach Rameshon, want to assist athletes in Singapore who needs help

What is your next step for Cougar Athletics Association?

The next step is Cougars track and field meet where we will have our own Cougars Track and Field meet records. All races will be conducted with the highest level of fairness which athletes will enjoy and appreciate.