Our Vision

FlexiFitness was started to provide solutions for Performance Coaching, Fitness, Special Needs and Weight Management. We strongly believe that everyone should be given an easy access to coaching for all purposes – young or old, in individual or groups, casual or serious.

We believe that sports is an integral part of a healthy lifestyle, and we want to play an important role in  promoting this. Furthermore, we want to go a step further, by providing the support to both casual and professional athletes in order to achieve their goals.

Before we can start anything, we feel that sports should start when one is young, as young as agefive or even at four. That is why we have started the Young Champions’ Programme, after 20 years of research and and experience. We have coaches who are qualified, they have Masters Degree or University Degree. At the same time having a vast experience of at least 10 years in sports coaching, which enables them to develop a child from where their skill had stopped.

Our triple vision is to make one healthy, maintain optimum level of fitness and be very good in a great variety of sports that they will be able to choose later on.

103 Medalists and
507 Finalists Trained

Featured Posts

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Our Goals

    1. We want to help children obtain important motor skills that can only be gained during their developmental years, which are fundamental and vital for sports competency.
    2. We want to bring coaching to casual and serious runners alike, for any distance. This can include 1.6km, 2.4km, 5km, 10km, half marathon or full marathons. (For example, we have developed a 10 year old boy who did 1500m in 10min 30sec to a time of 4min 55sec in year 2015). Another example is a 13 year old girls, with a weight of 60kg, who did 1.5km in a time of 12min 30sec, four years back, is able to do 9min 13sec for the same distance now in year 2015). We don’t need top runners for this. We just want interested and committed runners, that is all, in all walks of life.
    3. We want to help top level athletes achieve greater heights, so that they can take part in elite competitions in the region, such as the SEA games. (We have already developed Ashley Liew who is now a carded athlete which SAA and SSC support to develop in running). Ashley has represented Singapore in 2 SEA Games already, one in Myanmar
      in year 2013 and another in Singapore itself in year 2015).
    4. We want to provide support for anyone looking for weight management solutions through our fitness management and yoga programmes. Rameshon has brought hundreds of runners to lose weight through YOGA and running.

Looking to improve your performance in running? Casual and Serious Runners alike, we have the solution for you. You can e-mail us at m.rameshon@gmail.com or call Coach Rameshon at handphone number +65 91004369).
Do not hesitate in this and there is no obligation in this.