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Year 2018

Civil Service Club Run  (October)

21.1km Women Open – 1st position 18-29 years old

21.1km Men Open – 7th position 50-59 years old

POSB Passion Kids Run (September)

800m 7-8 years old Boys – 29/298 position

800m 7-8 years old Girls – 8/208 position

1.2km 9-10 years old Boys – 3 of them are 28 position and below

1.2km 9-10 years old Girls – 4/257

1.2km 11-12 years old Boys – 13/197

1.2km 11-12 years old Girls – 4 of them are  top 15 positions out of 169

1.2km 11-12 years old Girls – 1/169 (Champion)

5km Women Open – 1/429 (Champion)

1okm Men Open – 6/448 – 39min 55sec

Shape Run (August)

5km Women Open – 2nd position

Cougar Cross Country (July)

4 Gold, 3 Sliver, 4 bronze

Gold Coast 10km (Australia) (June)

Coach Rameshon – 42min 55sec

Tan Mariviv – 42min 55sec

Cold Storage Kids Run (May)

2km Girls

Laavinia – 2/168 position

Annalisa – 5/168 position

2km Boys

3 of them TOP 23 out of 204 position

1.6km Boys

3 are TOP 20 out of 304 position

Nationals Primary School Track and Field

‘B’ Division Girls (600m): 

Laavinia – 2nd position

Annalisa – 7th position

Nationals Schools Cross Country Championships

A’ Division Boys: 

Ruben – 1st position

Darren – 10th position

‘C’ Division Girls:

Hana – 8th position

2XU Compression Run (8 Apr)


Nikhil – 26min 26sec

Carol – 27min 32sec

Nikhita – 36min 40sec

Terence – 36min 40sec


Krishnan – 54min 32sec

Ruben – 1 hr 02min 31sec

Nora – 1hr 03min 17sec

Sriram – 1hr 26min 29sec

Trevor – completed


Andreas – 1hr 19min 48sec (Came in 3rd position)

Coach Rameshon – 1hr 28min 13sec

Mariviv – 1hr 28min 13sec (Came in 4th position)

Sumathy – 2hr 28min 18sec

Hong Kong Standard Chartered Marathon (21 Feb)


Ruben Loganathan – 36min 33sec

Tan Mariviv – 41min 30sec


Darren Tan – 1hr 34min 25sec

Collin Teo – 1hr 50min 24sec

Year 2017

Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore




Dr Ansgar 2.4km – 7 min 42sec (51 year old)

Dr Ashley Liew – 2hr 37min for Gold Coast Marathon

Shireena Woon – 3hr 58min 42sec for Gold Coast Marathon (50 year old)

(Qualified for Boston Marathon 2018)

Ruben – 16min 32sec for 5km SAA Cross- Country, Men Open, 2nd overall

Yvonne Chee – 3hr 23min (PB in Taiwan marathon, national representation)

Evan Chee – Tokyo marathon (2hr 45min)

Dr Andreas Wenger – Champion in SAA Cross- Country, Veteran Men.

Trifactor –

Men Open – Jerry Seah (Champion)

Women Open -Yvonne Chee (Champion)

National Schools Track and Field Championships

800m -3 finalist of 16 runners, Bryan Cheung, Bryan Chew and Saathvik.

1500m -3 finalist of 16 runners, Bryan Cheung, Bryan Chew and Saathvik.

800m- ACS 800m trial (DSA time- trial – 3 of our boys came in top 6 of all school).


1st Position – Dr Ansgar Cheng

2nd Position – Ruben

3rd Position – Evan Chee

4th Position – Andreas Wenger

5th Position – Brian Ye

8th Position – Jensen Toh

9th Position – Erich Paulini

11th Position – Darren Tan

13th Position – Yogaraj K

14th Position – Try Aprison

21st Position – Colin Chua

22nd Position – Lim Thow Wee


19th Asia Masters Athletics Championships 2016

50 Years Old Mens’ – Dr Ansgar Cheng clinched 1st Position in the 5000M with timing of 17 Mins 39 Secs

35 Years Old Mens’ – Mr Evan Chee came in 5th Position in the 5000M with a timing of 17 Min 55 Secs

35 Years Old Mens’ – Mr Colin Chua came in 9th Position in the 5000M with a timing of 19 Min 05 Secs


Performance Series Coney Island

Mr Evan Chee won the 3rd Position in the Mens’ Open Category coming in after two Kenyan runners


National Schools’ Cross Country Championship 2016 (Secondary)

  • C Girls- 2nd & 4th Position
  • B Boys- 2nd, 7th & 21st Position
  • B  Boys Champion Team


National Schools’ Track & Field Championship 2016 (Secondary)

  • 2000M Steeplechase- 3rd Position
  • 3000M B Boys: 4th Position
  • 1500M Walk B Girls: 3rd Position


Primary School National Track & Field Championship 2016

High Jump: 3rd Position (Under 12), 5th Position (Under 10), 6th Position, 11th  Position (Under 12)

100M: 2nd Position

200M: 8th Position

600M : 4th Position, 9th Position & 11th Position


St Margaret Secondary School Cross Country 2016

  • 13 Year Old Girl Age Group Champion


2XU Compression Run 2016

  • Womens’ Open 2nd Position


Singapore Standard Chartered Marathon 2015

  • Mr Evan Chee Mens’ Close Category 3rd Position for Marathon
  • Mr Colin Chua Mens’ Close Category 4th Position for Marathon

103 Medalists and
507 Finalists Trained

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