Coach Rameshon

Qualified in Coaching 

Track and Field, Soccer and Physical Conditioning for Strength Training. 

Coach Johnson – Qualified and certified basketball coach (Head), who has coached Catholic High School and The Chinese High School and has coached other schools as well. 

Coach Vincent 

Qualified and certified basketball coach who has been coaching a number of schools in nationals.

Robert – Qualified Strength Training Coach and basketball coach


Assistant to Head Coach

103 Medalists and
507 Finalists Trained

Featured Posts

Safety – Important in Increasing Activity for Young and Old

By Rameshon (Masters In Education, University of Western Australia, 2005 – 2008) Pic 1 – Stadiums must be free from safety hazards, which will enable many to exercise without hesitation. 

Increasing Activity – Date of Completion of Resource is Important

By Rameshon Picture 1 – Planning should be such that not all resource is cordoned off so that activity can persist.  I was at a stadium and there were some