Murugiah Rameshon
Head Coach

In year 2008, Coach Rameshon obtained his Masters in Education from University of Western Australia. He also did his undergraduate studies in Physical Education and Sports Science at Loughborough University from 1992 to 1994. He is the current National Record holder for the Singapore in marathon, with a time of 2hr 24min 22sec. During his years of coaching, Mr Rameshon has more than 20 Singapore top marathoners who have achieved the sub-3 hour mark, he has also brought a number of runners, about 100 of them, who were doing 5 to 7 hours to at least an hour or two faster, for the marathon, through Personal Training and Group Coaching.

Coach Johnson Lim
Basketball Coach

He has been coaching basketball in Catholic High School and The Chinese High School for more than 20 years. He is at present coaching the Young Champions’ Programme. Under him, children have found sports as a fun thing and they usually look forward in seeing him for the next Young Champions’ Programme session.

Coach Nicholas
Triathlon and Ironman Coach

He is our triathlon coach, who is certified in triathlon coaching.

Coach Mariviv
Assistant to Head Coach

Assistant to Head Coach. 2nd in charge for stretching and warm up. Assisting in sprints/middle/long distance/games etc.

Coach Edward
Swimming Coach

In charge of swimming, freestyle, backstroke and breaststroke for our Young Champion Programme.

Coach Vincent
Basketball Coach

Have 20 years of Basketball experience. Our Basketball training is similar to co-curricular activity, not just enrichment.

103 Medalists and
507 Finalists Trained

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