Adidas Running Community Project Posted on September 10, 2017

By Saranniya


We were told that Coach Rameshon, our current National Record Holder for marathon, who has a time of 2hr 24min 22sec, was appointed as the Head Coach of Adidas Running. Besides assisting in our Flexifitness Programme, Mariviv Tan and I were roped in to assist in the coaching of the Adidas Community group from 9th of September onwards, So, on last Saturday, Coach Rameshon led the warm up, and coaching session of Adidas Runners, which was combined with their Exco team, as well.


Picture 1 – Mariviv Tan leading the Stretching, while Head Coach Rameshon was walking around to correct the stretching posture

We started of the session by gathering at the Adidas outlet at Suntec City at 7 am. We had a hands-on session on the correct running technique. Twenty minutes later, we walked about 1km to Millenia Walk for warm up and a short briefing. We headed out into two groups with different running abilities. The first group was lead by Coach Rameshon and the second group was lead my Mariviv. I was the rear runner, so that no one were left behind. The two groups covered between 4km and 6km, respectively. They were able to finish together. 

The running route was very scenic as we ran from Millenia Walk to Marina Bay Sands Shopping Centre. We continued our run towards Marina Barrage, through Gardens By the Bay. We had a toilet break at Marina Barrage. We also jogged towards the Marina Golf Course and then made a U-turn back to the Barrage, and ended our session there.


Picture 2 – Post run Stretching done at Marina Barrage. 

We did our stretching, lead by Mariviv, followed by a debrief by Coach Rameshon and Arif. Throughout the route, Coach Rameshon told us that he has observed our mistakes in running posture and told us that he will discuss this in the next Adidas Training session. Finally, we went up to the Marina Barrage and took a group photo, and later dispersed to go home.