Andreas Wenger – An Interview on 3rd placing in 2XU Run 2018 Posted on April 15, 2018

By Tan Mariviv


Picture 1 – Andreas Wenger with Coach Rameshon

In the morning, while I was running my own half-marathon race, suddenly I heard Coach Rameshon shouting and cheering,” Go Andreas! Keep it up! Go!” The moment I hear that, I realised that Andreas Wenger, 39, our own Flexifitness athlete was upfront and was having a chance of getting the top 3 for the race. It only motivated me to also attempt for a top 3 position. I was inspired to do well as well. Even though, I was not a podium finisher, it helped me to do a personal best time for my own race. 

Coach Rameshon also ran side by side with me and we did 1hr 28min, and after the finish, both of us were wondering what is the position of Andreas and to support him. The former called him through handphone and asked the latter on the Men Open result and Andreas told that he is not sure of his result but he said that he is one of the potential medal winner 

As soon as it was prize giving, both Coach Rameshon and I, leaving everything aside, rushed to see Andreas collecting his prize and to cheer for him. Andreas told both of us that it was finally confirmed that he was third. It was pleasing to hear this piece of good news, as we know that we have a podium winner for that day. Not only us but, including other Flexifitness runners were proud of Andreas on his effort to get top 3 for the day.  Congratulations Andreas!

I also thought that it is a good thing for people to read on his interview and benefit from his sharing his answers through our interview questions. 

An Interview with Andreas Wenger

1. How was your preparation for the 2XU Race 2018?

2XU Race came very late into the picture. I asked coach Rameshon which race I should run and he proposed 2XU. I did my usual speed trainings with the Flexifitness group and my morning and long weekend runs. The milage was not very high. It was maybe around 50-60km a week.

2. How was your split time during the races, 5km, 10km, 15/16km, 21.1km?

5km – ​19min 36sec

10km​ – 39min 25sec

15km ​- 59min 00sec

21.1km – ​1hr 19min 49sec ​(although we all think the distance was about 20.5km)


Picture 2 – Andreas on the podium finish

3. How was the competition? Easy or tough?

The competition was tough. The top runner were off already at the start. They started quite fast. I was running with a group of 6-7 runners. Over the race the group was getting smaller and smaller. At the end it came to a final sprint for 3rd place where I was the lucky winner.

4. How was the route markings?

The marking was ok but could have been better. Around the golf course it was not always good. As I was not leading, I just could follow.

5. How was the water points?

In general, the water points were ok. There were 2 water points that were not well placed. The one around the stadium was on the outside of the roundabout. So if a runner wanted a drink he/she needed to go off the ‘ideal’ line. The other one was towards the end, where the waterpoint was on the left side directly before a right turn. I used this misplacement of the waterpoint to my advantage. Most runner of my group went left to get water where I just kept right, did speed up a bit and could create a gap. Only one runner could catch up again.


Picture 3 – Photo Credits to Pink Apple Events

6. Any feedback you would like to give for improvement?

I was going the starting line around 4:10am and was far in the back. Initially the security didn’t want to let me go to the front. So just went back and passed on the side. Then I was lucky that in the front some friends convinced the security that I am with them. Without this, a podium would have been impossible. So the waves should be grouped by timing or at least the fastest runner should have a special section to start.

7. What is your advice for those who would like to train to do well in half – marathon race?

Speed training is important. Besides that, you need to train consistently also if the milage is not that high. Believe that you can do well and just enjoy running. I did not have much expectations for the race. I just went and told myself I enjoy the run. Of course, it was getting hard at the end and I had to fight but overall I enjoyed the race.

8. What is your next race?

Next race is planned end of April. It is called MonsterUltra 200km within Singapore.