Berlin Marathon – Best or One of the best? Posted on January 27, 2018

By Rameshon


Picture 1 – It was in 1993 Berlin Marathon that I did 2hr 28min

In the world, if you ask me on which are the two top marathons in the world, I would say that they are Berlin Marathon and London Marathon. Berlin starting point is the same point for others. For London, the start point is different.

Both are well known for flat course. But in London Marathon you do have a few hilly course to handle. The men start point is different from the women’s. There are two start points for fast (red start) runners and faster runners (blue start) for men. The first 5 km for the red start is filled with quite a number of hilly sections to encounter. The rest of the route is generally flat. As for the blue start, one will go through nearly all the way flat course. It was in 1993 London Marathon, that I did my first sub-2hr 30min for the first time in my life. The time was 2hr 29min. I was euphoric about it. The best part of London Marathon is that the crowd was superb. 


Picture 2 – My German friends who gave me route recce a day before the race

The only match to London Marathon is Berlin Marathon. Both marathon organisers do things to near perfection. One find it hard to criticize the organisers for any form of mistake. All the organisation is done with precision and accuracy. 

For me, I found the weather very stable in Berlin, apart from London, as the temperature can fluctuate a lot. It was in Berlin that my German friends showed me around the route a day before the 1993 Berlin Marathon race, where I did 2hr 28min on the race day itself. One should, if they can, run these marathons as they can give a between themselves a challenge for ‘the best race in the world’ title. Keep it up, organisers!

Many of the world records have been broken here for the marathon, and I would like many to go and race there so long you are a sub-3hr 30min athlete, as the race can be very competitive. 

 Edited by Tan Mariviv