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    Since our Secondary school days, Coach Rameshon has always been sharing with us on having good nutrition intake, as it is vital for performance, and even to stay healthy. Daily his believe is to eat 80% healthy and 20% unhealthy. In this way, he says that it is more sustainable to
By Saranniya Coach Rameshon completed the Standard Chartered Full Marathon with a timing of 3hrs 27mins (Unofficial). He was happy to cross the finish line with a decent timing, as he did 4hr 30min in two marathon races overseas in year 2017. In year 2018, December, in Chiang Mai, he did
GE Run Race Results:   Race Results for 21.1KM Half Marathon Elite - Based on Gun Time  Rank Bib No. Name Finish Time 1 E20000 Ying Rong Mok 01:26:26 2 E20005 Rachel See 01:27:04 3 E20001 Yvonne Elizabeth Chee 01:32:58 4 E20006 Jasmine Goh 01:35:27 5 E20002 Verna Goh Shilei 01:36:41 6 E20011 Sharon Fay Ong 01:37:17 7 E20010 Lucy Tang 01:37:39 8 E20004 Sherlynn Tan 01:41:45 9 E20003 Jenny Huang 01:42:36   21.1KM Half Marathon - Individual  Rank Bib No. Name Finish Time 1 20189 Sharon Tan 01:29:02 2 20737 Xiuying Hu 01:29:57 3 23108 Anna Helowilz 01:35:02   10KM Individual Rank Bib No. Name Finish Time 1 11326 Vanessa Lee 00:38:26 2 11333 Nicole Low 00:38:47 3 11930 Vivian Tang 00:38:41  
By Editors of Flexifitness From a weight of 55kg, Saranniya, 21, Flexifitness female runner, ran and trained hard to weigh 52kg and do a time of 58min for POSB Run, 2019. As for last Sunday's race, she did a time of 55min, with a weight of 49kg. Just yesterday, she weigh
Picture 1 - After the race at Sports Hub In GE RUN 2019 Saranniya does 55min plus (Season best time) A day before the Great Eastern Run 10km, Saranniya, 21, messaged Coach Rameshon and told that she is not really prepared for the Great Eastern run. Seeing her recent physical conditioning, Coach