Coach Tan – 32km in 3hr 08min 53sec

Coach Tan – 32km in 3hr 08min 53sec

Coach Tan Eng Howe -Running as a passion to keep healthy

By Saranniya

Coach Tan Eng Howe, 49, was a former Saint Joseph’s Institution student, who was actively involved in cross-country as a CCA. He was a member of the Schools’ Cross Country Team, where the school came in third in year 1981. Over time, as in his college years, in year 2 at St Andrew’s Junior College, he took part in the National Schools’
3000m Steeplechase and came in 2nd position.

As he grew older, he found his passion for photography and
went on to pursue his dream. He became a professional photographer. Over time, as his interest grew for running, he started coaching with Flexifitness. He is very interested in Sports Science and would like to increase his knowledge in coaching.
Even though he isn’t as competitive as he was in
his younger days, he is still committed to his training sessions just like how
he used to train during his SJI days. Irregardless of rain or shine he did his training without fail. He like to keep running to keep fit and lead a healthy lifestyle.
I believe that many can learn from him to keep fit for life. He is an examplary. His approach is to  take a long term
approach in being healthy. Recently, he has taken part in the Newton Challenge 32km and I believe that his interview will be beneficial for the young and old.

What is the race you took part in? The
distance and timing? 

I took part in the Newton Challenge 32km run which was held on Sun 26th October
2014 at the East Coast Park. The race was flagged off at 5am. I completed the
course in 3hr 8min53sec.

2. Are you happy with your timing? Did you hit your target? 

Yes, I’m pleased with the timing. My target was actually just to complete the
run at an easy moderate pace. I was expecting to complete in 3hr 30.  As I wasn’t planning for PBs, I ended up starting from the 3rd flag off group
to accompany an old friend whom I bumped into that morning. This turned out to
be a big mistake as all the drinks at hydration points were depleted by the
runners in front. I estimated I would have lost at least 10 to 15 secs at
each point waiting for the drinks to be refilled. Lesson learnt, I’ll be
starting from the front in future races.

3. How was the race organization? 

The organization was great. Water and isotonic drinks were well spaced out.
Energy gels were also available at one point. There was as usual the big food
feast awaiting us at the finishing point. Probably not a race for people
seeking to lose      weight as the free flow of nasi lemak,
sandwiches, ice cream and sweet jelly desserts will prove too tempting to

4. Which part of the race course was the toughest for

The course which is actually 2 rounds of ECP starting from Big Splash is
relatively flat throughout. So I didn’t encounter any difficulty throughout. 

5. Did you enjoy the race?

Yes indeed. Running along the seaside with its gentle breeze in your face is a
refreshing change to the usual routine.

6. What is your next race and target?

I have no race target. My aim is to stay healthy & maintain a reasonable
fitness level to be able to keep up with our fellow athletes. Nevertheless, I
do intend to run a full marathon next year, hopefully in a sub 4hr time. 

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