Cougar Athletics Association 2018 – After Dark Celebration. Posted on December 16, 2018

By Tan Mariviv

Picture 1 – Coach Rameshon told that Cougar Athletics Club was the best race for kids this year 

Today, Coach Rameshon and I decided to go for dinner as we were invited by Cougar Athletics Association for After Dark Celebration. Surprisingly, a huge number of people were gathered and they were having fun yesterday. Moreover, the crowd looked warm and friendly.

There were many athletes who have joined Cougar, from all walks of life. This is the first time the celebration went a step further and Coach Rameshon told me that the room was very spacious. He told that he liked the ambience and told that the food was also healthy with pasta, and salad, and there were a number of delicious food as well. 

Dr Bala, President of Cougar Athletics Club, later on, while honouring other people, honoured Coach Rameshon by giving him an award, during the award session. It was for significant selfless contributions rendered for Cougar Athletics Club. 

Overall, I myself heard Dr Bala giving his positive talk to me and he was an inspirational person. He motivated me to do well in running and told me that I am doing well under Coach Rameshon and to keep working hard. So far, I have heard this from our own group parents and athletes, but am hoping to hear from other sports officials in the future. 

Ms Tan Yew Leng and husband Pedro also came for the dinner. I was surprised to see them there. Later on, we took some photos, together, and we ended the day with some photo taking. I shall share the photos with all readers in future.

My interview with Dr Bala will be given in the next post and I hope that people will benefit from the interview I had with him. I also realised that Dr Bala seems passionate about sports and he was also seen to talk directly from his heart, as he spoke to me at length, to motivate athletes to attain excellence in middle and long distance events.