Dental Health – Back to Square One and Cheaper Posted on April 26, 2018

By Rameshon


Picture 1 – Good service leads to recommendations to friends and public

It is known that a person’s  good teeth depends on the good health that one has. I read it somewhere and also learnt it from G.H. Goh Dental. In the past, I used to also have red colour complexion on my face. Nobody was able to help me in this. My mother recommended a number of moisturisers and creams to stop it, but nothing worked. One of my friends, a Ministry of Education official and another Singapore Athletics official had asked me regarding my face complexion, “Why is your face red?” The redness on the face vanished upon listening and applying Dr Goh Guan Huat’s knowledge and experience.

In the recent past, I have gone through some dentists and have experienced enough. I have finally decided that it is time that I write something on how to choose a good dentist, and ensure that you get the correct one and value for the money as well. I hope this goes viral, as I feel that this may lead to good karma for me.

Several years ago, I used to go to G. H. Goh Dental for dental cleaning and got suberb service all along. It is situated at Bukit Merah Central, and it is at the HDB flats area. Hence, it can be two to three times cheaper to those in the city area.

Later on, I had gone myself to other dentists as well, as I was told that those whom I have experienced are all good as well. However, I sometimes found the service to be just ok.

After going through all the dentists that I have known, Dr Goh stands out as the best, although, he may charge you a little expensive, but it is worth it, as in the city, the dentist usually charge 2 to 3 times higher. Although, a 30% is given, the charge between HDB area and city area, can be a big margin, with the city area charging even more. With the same kind of service, the cost of dental service in city area is about double of HDB area, with discount given.

For me, one thing I know is, I told my athletes that they will tell you what is wrong with your teeth and ask you for the services you want. They do not do the services and then they charge you. One or two people that I have come across have been charged by service done without the athletes knowledge and then they were told to pay for it. The best way around it is to tell the customer the problem and then ask whether they want the service or not. It is only when they take the service, it is good to charge them accordingly to the agreement between both parties amicably done through a chat session.

I am proud of Dr Goh for having done this, as I have not taken some of his service, when he had told me. I told my athlete Tan Mariviv and other athletes that they are only charged if they only want it and you can experience this at G. H. Dental Surgery.

My only advice to the public is to ask for services, and if it is very expensive, it wise to find prices through at least 3 quotations with other dentist companies. Then, upon comparing prices, it is wise to choose the service.

Tan Mariviv