Dr Ansgar – 5km in 17min 52sec at Asian Masters Championships 2017 Posted on September 30, 2017

By Tan Mariviv


Picture 1 – Coach Rameshon is proud of Dr Ansgar’s medal and for doing Team Flexifitness proud

We have the official results of Asian Masters Track and Field Championships 2017 held in Shanghai, China. Dr Ansgar Cheng came in second in 5km with a timing of 17min 52sec in Men Masters 50-54 age group. Dr Ansgar did Flexifitness proud by his feat by still ending as a medalist. I have asked him to give us an account of his race and he told he will answer us on this. I will list out the questions and answers below.

An Interview with Dr Ansgar Cheng


Picture 2 – Dr Ansgar standing on the 2nd position podium

How was the trip to China?

The trip took us 14 hours door to door, which was a bit longer than we expected but it was pleasent because we had another teammate on the same flight.


Picture 3 – The map of the area in Shanghai

What is the place of the race called?

The city is called Rugao (如皋). It is about 5 hours drive west of Shanghai. It has about 1.5 million people, among them close to 400 centenarians. They are known for their masters sport team.


Picture 4 – An image of the injury Dr Ansgar had

How was your preparation for the race?

The earlier part of my preparation was great. Team Flexifitness helped me to get a nice 2.4km time trial in early July. However, about 2 months before the Asia Masters, my preparation became sub-optimal because I acquired an injury in my right bicep femoris out of the blue. Mr Moses Ng spent a lot of time with his magic hands to sort out my injury. Once again, it is proven that Moses is not only good at parting the Red Sea, but he is even better in sorting out naughty muscles! As a result of the injury, I did not do any hard workouts or speed runs. The only ‘real’ run was the race, a little gamble.

Does changing the terrain (to grass etc) during training helped you in any ways of your injury? If yes, can you elaborate?

Knowing that my injury was probably impact related, Coach Rameshon advised me to run on grass to reduce the stress on the musculoskeletal system. As a result, I was running 99.9% on grass at some very easy pace over a period of approximately 2 months building up the race. That probably was the best advice I ever received in running!! It allowed me to more or less maintain my running volume without incurring additional trouble. While the intensity was much reduced, I think my aerobic capacity was not significantly reduced.

How many days did you stay there?

Three days in total. 

Day 1 – Travelling there

Day 2 – Race day

Day 3 – Returned to Singapore

Were you nervous before the race?

I was a little nervous because I was worried that my newly recovered injury may get naughty again. In addition, I expected to see some great Chinese runners out of a 1.4 billion population. It was important not to forget there were two very capable Mongolian runners who gave me a hard time in 2016. All in all, they deserve a healthy dose of respect together with other runners.

What was your goal in the race?

(1) Not to get my newly recovered injury worse

(2) Have a podium finish

(3) Run a personal best (with luck)


Picture 5 – Running the race in the rain

Did you face any problems during the race?

It was raining cats and dogs!! I had done races in the rain but this was the most dramatic! We were fully soaked after one lap and there was practically no dry line on the flooded track!! The organiser cancelled the rest of the day after my event! The rain did not bother me much because I had done numerous visualisations before the race and rain was one of the scenarios so I was calm and focused.

Can you comment in short summary a full account from start till the end of the race?

My wife, Moonlake, helped me in organising myself in the warm up. She is my number one pillar of support! I had a very great start but tried to run conservatively. From 300m onward, I was trailing behind badly in the second group (30m), and it took me a lot of effort to catch up with the lead pack. It only happened in the last 2 laps. By then I was in third position but it took me 4 attempts to pass the Chinese runner ahead to secure my sliver medal. We certainly gave each other a hard time.


Picture 6 – Dr Ansgar showing eminence in teamwork

Are you happy with the race?

I am grateful to have a decent result event though I failed to repeat the 2016 gold medal nor I did to achieve a personal best. However, under the circumstances, the result is only possible because of my unfair advantages:

(1) Our fantastic Team Flexifitness and

(2) the Singapore Masters Team!