Dr Ansgar Cheng – Hard work pays off Posted on December 18, 2017

By Tan Mariviv


Picture 1 – Team Flexifitness


Picture 2 – Dr Ansgar Cheng in last year’s POSB Run

As I have known, Dr Ansgar Cheng has motivated many, young and old. As he was featured yesterday in the papers, Flexifitness is proud, especially for his mutiple achievements like 2.4km (7min 42sec), 5km (17min 39sec) and 10km (37min 00sec). Dr Ansgar came in as a champion when he did the 36min 00sec for 10km last year in Mens’ Open POSB RUN 2016.


Picture 3 – Dr Ansgar Cheng with his wife, Moonlake Lee

We have the cutting from the newspaper yesterday and we hope you will enjoy reading the summary of his content. Dr Ansgar Cheng is a very good team worker as he shows teamwork in the group and does not leave anybody behind. His wife Moonlake Lee, was also featured and being a supportive person in the family along with their children. Both actually complement each other.