Dr Ansgar Cheng – An Interview on Asian Masters Championships, China Posted on September 25, 2017

 By Tan Mariviv
Picture 1 – Dr Ansgar with one of the runners, Mr Kor
Picture 2 – Doing striding before the race
Picture 3 – Ready for the run
Picture 4 – During the race
An Interview with Dr Ansgar Cheng
What was your personal best time for 5km when you were a teenager?
My 5km back then was about just below 19mins.
Which 5km race is considered the most memorable race ever?
So far the most interesting 5km race I had was the 2016 Asia Master 5000m. After looking at the running data, I believe I was very lucky to have run executed with all the things lined up. A big element of luck was involved too.
Are you running the Singapore Standard Chartered Marathon 2017?
I will be taking part in the 2017 Standard Chartered Marathon in Singapore.
What time are you going for (full marathon)?
In the 2016 version, I did a 3hr 02min. This year I am visualising and aiming at getting below 3hrs, which will require some meaningful work in the next few weeks time.
How do you find running?
I always find running interesting. A lot of learning from the sport as well as from the interaction with fellow runners. I found many enlightening moments during my runs too. It certainly gives my family a bonding theme.
What is your upcoming run?
My next run is September 25, 2017 Asia Master 5000m in China.
How do you feel that your children are also in the running scene?
FAN—TAS—TIC!!! Absolutely priceless!
I love the fundamental simplicity of running. I personally benefited a lot from it mentally and physically when I was a kid. I am still enjoying the sport after living more that 50 years.
However, 25 years ago when my wife and I were at our family formation stage, I had never dreamed of having my kids/family pick up running! My wife and I believe that marriage is family formation and it is a ‘couple-team-formation’. Now my wife and I are not just parents to our children; we wear the same jersey, train/run together, we are officially teammates!
I just hope that more families can share this fantastic sport.