Easwaran, 83, Walks 12 km Per Day

Easwaran, 83, Walks 12 km Per Day

By Rameshon

Picture 1 – 12km per day walk in total is a norm for Easwaran

I have been doing my own running training and also doing Personal Training for my clients on weekends at Tanjong Rhu. Without fail, I usually see a gentleman, who is 83 years of age walking briskly, He walks 3km to the Marina Barrage and comes back. It is a to and fro walk. In total, the gentleman does 6km in the morning and 6km in the evening, till now. The gentleman’s name is Easwaran. 

In my mind, I was admiring his will power and mental capacity to go out there and do 6km, and he does it alone. Moreover, he has not stopped walking daily his normal routine of 6km in the morning and 6km in the evening. I salute this gentleman for his determination and persistence.

Looking back, I told in my mind to do a write up on him, and there has been a delay on this write up. Today, however, I decided that it is wise not to procrastinate anymore and to do it. Also, for me, my advice to fellow Singaporeans is that if one takes care of oneself, the hospital bill will be saved in the long run. The best way for me to contribute to this is to introduce people like Easwaran to the world by interviewing him, and from his answers churned out, many may be encouraged to exercise on a regular or frequent basis. It is especially so when one is getting older. Continuity is important and the key to exercise, on a daily fashion. 

An Interview With Easwaran

What made you to exercise everyday, in the morning and evening as well?

It is to age gracefully that I have been doing this. 

How long usually do you cover your walk?

I cover about 6km in the morning and 6km in the evening. Total time taken for a 6km walk is about 1hr to 1hr 20min. 

How about injuries?

I do not get injured easily as I do yoga stretching to align my body

What do you think is giving all this strength to keep active?

A daily routine of breathing exercises, walking 12km and yoga exercises. I always believe in keep the mind occupied. 

Do you any goal to win races for super veteran age etc?

No. my goal is not to fall sick and not to get any kind of disease. I want to have a reasonable fitness so that I am independent enough, as much as I can. 

What is your diet like?

I am a vegetarian, and I take a diet which is healthy for me. 

What is your advice to those aging?

To keep exercising even if one is old. 

Edited By Tan Mariviv!

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