My First Hand Experience – HK StanChart Marathon 2018 Posted on January 23, 2018

By Rameshon


Picture 1 – Running the marathon race finally, to test on fitness. 

In the morning, of the race, I did some stretching exercises with fellow Flexifitness Athletes. After that, we decided to go to the start for the race.

There were baggage trucks and one of our runners deposited the bag to the baggage truck meant for the half-marathon runners. Adjacent to it, there were baggage trucks for the marathon race. This is something that I did not see in StanChart Marathon in Singapore.

After that, I went to the start of the marathon race. I was told that my race will start at 6 35pm. The official of the race told that they were allowing people in for The Marathon Challenge. Since mine was the first wave, which is supposed to be later, I waited.


Picture 2 – With Dr Ansgar’s Friend, Mason Kwok

While waiting, I thought that I am early and had decided to go to the front of the next group. While doing that, I thought that it is a good idea to go to toilet again.

At the toilet, I saw a queue, and while waiting for my turn, I decided to stretch as well.

At 6 10pm, I saw Kelvin Wong and Heng. They told me that they want to do personal best time.

As the weather was good which ranged between 15 and 18 degrees, there was this feeling in me that the two runners will hit the target.


Picture 3 – Finisher Medal

Suddenly, we saw the 6 15am group assembling. The two runners invited me to run as well with the Run Challenge. At first, there was this hesitation in me but later I decided to run. So, I ran with the The Run Challenge group.

For this, between Adidas Zero trainer and Nike Shield Pegasus 32, I decided to run with the Nike shoe, as I had just bought it.

There was this feeling that the cushioning capacity will be better than Adidas shoe. As for Adidas, I also liked it as it was a trainer and I did not want to get injured. It is light and it provides cushion, but it was a bit worn out. It looks like a racer, but it is a slightly heavier.


Picture 4 – Before heading to Hong Kong

So, I ran the race front the start till 10km and reached at 55min. Many ran slowly and blocked me but it was alright for me as I did not want to get the ‘hit the wall’ effect. 

The first 10km had a lot of series of flat and very gradual upslopes. Till 17km, I ran well and I also saw Kelvin Wong and Heng. Both looked strong and they were running fast in the opposite side of the highway.

That gave me the impulse to run faster and I did the half at 1hr 54min, around there. The only problem that was coming to me was the pounding from the downslopes, earlier on.

It was good to run on uphills and flat courses. Downhill courses were taking the toll from 18km mark onwards. It was because of downhill that my time slowed down a lot.

The feeling of strong was there, but my legs were getting fatigued. Throughout the run, I got tired out from the not drinking sports drink. Instead, earlier on, I was drinking water all along on 4km splits of the race. Hence, I was very tired, as there must have been glycogen depletion in the thigh area.

On reaching 22km, the only thought that came in me was to run and complete. During the run, when it is flat and uphill, I ran well. When it was downhill, the pain was more intolerable.

As I have trained for 3 1/2 weeks to this Marathon, after a six weeks of injury, the feeling in me was that completing was not an issue.

That made me not to expect a good time. However, something told me not to give up, as I saw many going to the side for medical attention, for muscle rub etc.

At around last 8-9 km mark, I saw Dr Ansgar Cheng’s Friend, Mr Kwok. He took a photo of me , I guess, and he ran faster and he told me to push hard. I was about to go right down the tunnel only to find a 1km hill at the last 7km mark.

The last four kilometre mark was excruciating, but I had to keep enduring the intense pain coming to my leg, and I felt that I reached the promised land, the last few kilometres. I knew that next will be 3km, then 2km and the last km. All these kilometre markers splits came progressively. At the last kilometre marking, I gave my best to go all out. At the last 200m I stride to the finish hoping that I do a sub – 4hr 20min. 

I was elated that the timing was not bad, although, the target was not met totally, and I felt like coming to Hong Kong Marathon for next year. The time was 4hr 12min. I told myself that I would like to see myself doing running sub-3hrs in the coming 3 months, before going down sub – 2hr 50min or sub – 2hr 40min.

Later, I got the finisher medal, and had to take a passageway to go out to take a taxi to go back to the hotel, as as soon as possible to take good rest and sleep. I know that by taking MTR, I will have to go down the steps and the recovery will be delayed a lot, by climbing the steps as well. 

Overall, I told myself that it will be good to see how fast I can run, at this age. The only hope and prayer I have is to not get myself injured, at all cost, as to lead a healthy lifestyle is the key to anything. 


Edited by Tan Mariviv