Flexifitness Blog – Runningcoachsg, ranked top 40 Posted on October 7, 2018

By Tan Mariviv

Picture 1 – Coach Rameshon shares his thoughts in rameshon-m.blogspot.com

Our running blog rameshon-m.blogspot.com has been ranked top 40 for ‘Top Running Blogs to Follow in 2018’ by bestshoppinghub.com and the link is given here https://www.bestshoppinghub.com/running-blogs-to-follow/

To my amazement, I realised that our blog was ranked as one of the 100 Top Most Interesting Blog Spot in year 2014. This is another milestone set by Flexifitness. It is good to hear that many people are benefitting from our articles written. I will put the link below for all to read.


Picture 2- Coach Rameshon walks to talk

It was Pramod Kukanur who initiated to Coach Rameshon on coming up with a running blog, after the former loss about 11kg. The running blog came out as a result to assist people of all walks of life to improve fitness by taking up an activity, which is good for health, irregardless of which sport one wants, so as to improve one’s health, fitness or performance.

Picture 3 – A coach who pushes me in running to attain excellence 

There are discussion which benefits people so as to avoid sickness and being unhealthy. There are also mention of past top runners and their model behaviour. You will read on the benefits of Yoga, plyometrics, training programme etc. You can hear a number of success stories here in Singapore and some history of past runners are found here in this running blog.

Also it is good to know that Coach Rameshon, over time, has practically developed about 21 runners who have done sub-3hrs for marathon. It is interesting to share that there are some who have done sub 2hr 50min and sub- 2hr 40min, through association with Flexifitness,

We thank our readers for their support, and to bestshoppinghub.com to do their thorough findings and for giving us the honour to get top 40 of the best running blog list for people to read in year 2018.