Flexifitness – Newspaper and Website Clarification (Part 2) Posted on July 27, 2018

By Rameshon


Picture 1 – Finishing Gold Coast 10km in 42min 55sec, with protege Tan Mariviv, one of Singapore top female runner, doing the same time. I was tenth for 51-54 age category.

I have clarified on The Straits Times report on me in the earlier post on my marathon performance. You may read that first which is in the earlier post, as it is a prequel to this. This is to create awareness to the public on the veracity of my statement, and it should not be misconstrued. People have discussed this with me and they thank me for updating this in my blog post.

Secondly, I would like to write about a running group, who have put in their website on my race splits for 1995 Chiangmai, Thailand, South East Asian Games, where both Yvonne and I broke the women and men’s marathon local record, respectively. There are other split timings during the race. It has been given wrongly in the website of the other group, and it is good for one to pay a visit to my website, as the genuine race experience was gone through by me, not them. In the hope that the running group practice integrity that I am writing this.

It is serious, for Singapore Citizens as it wise not to put up fake news. It is time for the other website to know the National pledge of our country, especially when it comes to ‘based on justice and equality so as to achieve happiness, prosperity and progress for our nation’. (I have put the full Singapore Pledge below for public’s awareness). 

Students and athletes may not practice integrity, if the running group does not follow. Why are they doing this? Perhaps, it is for selfish interest that they do not want the public to know the truth, but masked the correct details such that their business succeed, using unscrupulous methods to make money, driven by greed.

There are two parts in correcting of the running group’s mistake. Firstly, it has to do with my split time of the race. It has been mentioned wrongly. Secondly, because of that group getting the timing wrong, they have painted a wrong picture on the national record, distance, weather etc.

Hence, let me tackle on part 2 first on the mistake on my split timing.

Clarification of Website on Split time in 1995 Chiangmai Marathon

Firstly, the race was held on February before the SEA Games. A manager followed and he did see the race, and he was from the then Singapore Amateur Athletics Association. When the race was over, none of the managers gave negative feedback on the route and they were all satisfied.

Dr Edgar Tham, just before SEA Games, showed to us on what was impossible can be possible, if people believe. It affected me greatly and I have to thank him for making my mind strong. I was for few days pondering on 2hr 20min for the SEA Games.

During the race, in the morning. My split timing for the Chiangmai Marathon 5km was 16min 40sec. There were drink points at every 5km marks. The ignorant running group that I am mentioning, commented that I did sub-16min for the first 5km. I feel that it is preposterous to say this as this is untruth. The two Filipino, Indonesian and Thailand runners know the time. We are not fools to do a sub-16min for first 5km.

I feel that one knows the truth now. The other running group has given some fabricated time and it is all wrong. I did not see any of the running group members during the marathon, start till the end, and they have never discussed this. Only when they set up the company, they discussed this, as they do not have anyone as local current national record holder and they start to smear the historical truth instead. Also the leader of this particular group has not been running for more than 20 years, to my observation, and also has not been a marathon competitor of mine. I also feel that the Head Coach should get his Mathematics correct. At the last 7 km, I was still about to do a 2hr 20min for the marathon but my calve muscles was very tight, and at this point, I allowed the four runners who were alongside with me to go. It was the most painful decision of mine. It was at that point that I realised the top runners had run away from me and I had to contend myself with 2hr 24min 22sec.

Yvonne, then came in and did 2hr 34min, 2min slower than her Commonwealth Games performance of 2hr 32min. The two Thailand runners who did very well in February, 1995, pre-SEA Games marathon trial, coming in first and second, did not do well in SEA Games, as expected. Indonesians were first and second. 

Singapore Pledge

We, the citizens of Singapore,
pledge ourselves as one united people,
regardless of race, language or religion,
to build a democratic society
‘based on justice and equality
so as to achieve happiness, prosperity
and progress for our nation.’