Flexifitness Runners’ Results in Berlin Marathon 2017 Posted on September 25, 2017

By Tan Mariviv


Picture 1 – Mr Evan Chee posted the fastest time of his life

In yesterday’s BMW Berlin Marathon race, about 7 of our runners ran and did admirably. We are summarising their results and comments wherever applicable. The top notch individual runner of the group was Mr Evan Chee.

1) Mr Evan Chee

Mr Evan Chee has done 2hr 42min for the Berlin Marathon 2017, prior to that, when he joined us, he had a timing of 2hr 57min done in the Paris Marathon. Mr Evan also brought his time down to 2hr 45min in Tokyo marathon this year and did a personal best in the Berlin Marathon recently.


Picture 2 – Our runners in Berlin Marathon

2) Dr Andreas Wenger

Dr Andreas was second in record of POSB Run 2017 for Men Open. In the past, he did a marathon with a timing of 3hr 07min. Being inspired by Mr Thow Wee’s progress in Paris Marathon 2014 with a time of 2hr 48min, both Dr Andreas and Mr Evan came to see Coach Rameshon to improve their timings etc. Dr Andreas did a miraculous time of 2hr 43min yesterday, which I feel that it is worthy of praise.

3) Mr Desmond Soh

Mr Desmond’s story of Robert Bruce, to do sub 3hr 30min was a failure for several years. Undaunted, he relentlessly believed in Flexifitness training and kept training. Being promoted as a Captain (Pilot) made his training even more complex. With determination and independent training, Mr Desmond attempted again and finally did 3hr 25min in Berlin Marathon, personal best by 11min.

4) Ms Jennifer Quek

Ms Jennifer was plaqued by injuries and she has done 3hr 42min in Tokyo Marathon 2015. In our group, she trains very hard and consistently. Despite getting some injuries, she had to switch to triathlon kind of training to come out of injury. The minimum goal we had for her was a sub 4hr. Yesterday, she did 3hr 56min and has finally shown that she is fit to compete in a marathon, and to go for a personal best time.

5) Ms Felicia Natalie

Ms Felicia wanted to do a fast time but Coach Rameshon told that it is wise to aim for a big goal but a realistic goal. Hence, she was gunning for a 4hr 30min flat, with a plus minus of about 5min. Nonetheless, she did a personal best too with a time of 4hr 31min 05sec. 

Last but not least, another 2 of our runners ran and did well even though they just wanted to do a sub 5hr for the marathon.

6) Mr Kelvin Lim – 4hr 45min 05sec

7) Mr Wee – 4hr 51min 36sec