My Flora London Marathon 1993 Experience Posted on February 1, 2018

By Rameshon


Picture 1 – London Marathon

The first marathon that made me to do the sub-2hr 30min was from London Marathon 1993. It is the marathon that  enabled me to do this personal best time and it was a national record, at that time, as well. Upon coming to Loughborough, my University coach, George Gandy assured that the then national record of 2hr 29min was ratified.

What made me to do a good time. Also, what made me to be enthusiastic about London Marathon, after running it, was that there are things that the Singapore Organisers can learn.

Firstly, the race is crowd friendly. People are supporting throughout the entire route. Before the race, there are helicopters flying around to ensure a good organisation, a good media coverage and safety as well.This shows even now, how serious the race organisers are. 

The start of the race, was excellent with  a cannon being shot and not a flagging off of the race. The good thing about the race is that the race start is accurate and the starting point is different for men and women.

The route that I ran was very flat and it is very rare sight to see a uphill, although there is one or two, depending on a person’s perception what a hilly terrain is. 

There are music provided at a number of places and they are motivating for the runners of the race. The crowd is just fantastic. 

Overall, I have run 3 times in London and 3 times running in Berlin Marathon. It is difficult to tell which is the best as both of these marathons keep pushing the boundaries of human limits and also on expert organisation of the race. People who run the London and Berlin are usually contented with the organisers, and their race results are prompt and accurate.

Now, it is good to let the mistakes of StanChart Marathon to be behind us, but it is positive for the organisers to get feedback and learn a number of things from the organisation of the two most famous marathons – London and Berlin.

Edited By Tan Mariviv