Gold Coast Marathon 2013 – (Part 11)

Gold Coast Marathon 2013 – (Part 11)

Gold Coast Marathon 2013 – The Final Countdown two weeks countdown

 Picture 1 – Coach Rameshon, Lim Thow Wee, Ashley Liew, Norshidah and Ranjit. (Photo – Courtesy of Ashley Liew)

Today, I was able to complete a total distance of 32km in one day. I had to split up my training so that I am not affected by the haze and don’t run into trouble.
To date, this is my longest distance covered in one day and I am very happy about this. This is to ensure that I will be able to cover the marathon distance with not much problems. 
For this marathon, I am not putting pressure on myself as I have told myself to do my best for the race and I will accept any outcome and work on the timing from there. 
The good thing that has happened for me is that I am not injured and I will be extra careful not to get injured. 
As far as Ashley Liew is concerned, I am just hoping that he does his personal best there, hopefully a sub-2hr 30min, which was supposed to have been accomplished in the past. All I know is that if one perserveres, going through a number of ups and downs, finally they will be able to make it through with their continued sheer determination and leech-like tenacity. 
As for Lim Thow Wee, I am just hoping that he gets his 2hr 48min, or at least a sub-2hr 50min. As for Norshidah Mohd and Ranjit, they are aiming to complete their marathon in a good time. If you like our blogpost, pse like us in facebook

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