Good News – Several Personal Best Times – AHM and Sunshine Marathon Posted on August 20, 2017

By Tan Mariviv


Picture 1- Team Flexifitness, focusing on Stanchart Marathon 2017.

Firstly, for this season,  today, a number of our athletes, took part in Army Half Marathon, while doing conditioning for Stanchart Marathon 2017, to be held in Singapore, soon.


Picture 2 – Captain Mr Lim Thow Wee came to support and run as well.

Another Flexifitness female runner by the name of Shireena Woon, 50, ran in overseas and did a big personal best time of 3hr 55min 05sec for Sunshine Coast Marathon 2017. Two months back, she ran in Gold Coast Airport Marathon 2017 and did 3hr 58min 42sec personal best time. 


We also saw many Singaporeans taking part in the race. We take this race as a lead up conditioning phase and are gearing towards Stanchart Marathon 2017, and for next year races. However, we were very surprised that a number of our athletes did personal best times and we would like to congratulate them.


Picture 3- Our runners Alex and Ashelyn did personal best time for the 10km race. 

Our top runners Mr Evan Chee and Dr Ashley Liew, won individual prize, by coming in 7th and 8th in Men Open category of the Half -Marathon, respectively. In this Army Half Marathon, our runners rose above expectation as six of our runners did personal best time. 


Picture 4 – Evan Chee and Dr Ashley Liew came in 7th and 8th in Army Half Marathon for men open

In 10km, we have Mr Alex Quek and his wife Ashelyn Lee doing a personal best. In the Half – Marathon, Mr Kelvin Wong, Felicia Chua did personal best time for their respective categories. We also have a new comer by the name of Heng Kheng Sheng who did a personal best time of 1hr 44min, 5min faster than his previous time. We would like to congratulate all. At the same time, we hope that those who did not do their personal best to attempt to go for it the next time around. 

Army Half results table format

Picture 5 – Table of Result for 10km and Army Half Marathon for men and women.