Happy New Year 2019 Posted on January 2, 2019

By Rameshon

I would like to wish everyone a Happy New Year and also for you to achieve an optimal health to the best of your age. As for us, in Flexifitness, in year 2018, it was a good thing that we did well in our running and athletics programme, even though there was a change in our Flexifitness Runners. We have welcomed new ones to join us, so long they do not belong to any club or runners group. 

In year 2018, Flexifitness runners broke some running records and we are proud of them. So far, we also travel to race worldwide, if there is a need to race, without burdening the Sports Association. We have travelled to Hong Kong, Thailand, and Australia and wish to travel to more countries to improve in the running timing. Our time trials have made two primary school runners, at least, to get Direct School Admission (DSA) to their chosen Secondary School.  Another two primary 6 athletes have scored 245 points and above in PSLE, and they got to top school of their choice, without using DSA. 

With the results given below, we would not like to say much and are aiming for excellence in whatever we do to improve in running and hope that you will also do likewise to keep yourselves healthy and strong physically. 

The message we also want to drive to others is that we would like to state that it is good to avoid becoming overweight through poor diet and also not able to do anything about it. We hope that by reading our blog post, one will do something about one’s health, and avoid diseases like heart attack, depression, diabetes, hypertension etc. 

As for us, we have phased out the service on weight management. We are focusing more attention on performance and fitness. For obesity and weight management, it is hard to do a once a week or twice a week of exercise and aim to reduce weight. It is important to do workout or exercise thrice per week with us if needed for personal training. There is cost involved and this will help cut down medical cost of the client, in the long run. So, we only have thrice per week of weight management programme. We would like people to take note of the change. 

We also believe that to bring down weight, it is not a good idea to look for a doctor or a government for help , as we actually need to help ourselves by exercising more often to reduce the cost in health care. This should be our New Year Resolution, as well, besides getting other successes, I hope!

Year 2018

Chiangmai Marathon 2018 (Dec)

M.Rameshon – 3hr 44min 27sec (age 53)

Civil Service Club Run (October)

Rameshon – 21.1km Men Open – 7th position 50-59 years old

Mr Vincent Caldeira – 1hr 48min

POSB Passion Kids Run (September)

800m 7-8 years old Boys – 29/298 position

800m 7-8 years old Girls – 8/208 position

1.2km 9-10 years old Boys – 3 of them are 28 position and below

1.2km 9-10 years old Girls – 4/257

1.2km 11-12 years old Boys – 13/197

1.2km 11-12 years old Girls – 4 of them are top 15 positions out of 169

1.2km 11-12 years old Girls – 1/169 (Champion)

5km Women Open – Tan Mariviv 1/429 (Champion)

1okm Men Open – M. Rameshon 6/448 – 39min 55sec

Shape Run (August) –5km Women Open

Ms  Tan – 2nd position

Cougar Cross Country (July)

4 Gold, 3 Sliver, 4 bronze

COUGARS Championship Record Holders from Flexifitness

– U10 Boys – 800m

– U10 Girls – 800m

– U12 Boys – 1.6km

– U12 Girls – 1.6km

– U14 Girls – 4.3km

– U20 Girls – 4.3km

Gold Coast 10km (Australia) (June)

Coach Rameshon – 42min 55sec

Ms Tan  – 42min 55sec

Cold Storage Kids Run (May)

2km Girls

Laavinia – 2/168 position

Annalisa – 5/168 position

2km Boys

3 of them TOP 23 out of 204 position

1.6km Boys

3 are TOP 20 out of 304 position

Nationals Primary School Track and Field

‘B’ Division Girls (600m):

Laavinia – 2nd position

Annalisa – 7th position

Nationals Schools Cross Country Championships

‘A’ Division Boys:

3000m Steeplechase

1st position

10th position

‘C’ Division Girls:

8th position

2XU Compression Run (8 Apr)


Nikhil – 26min 26sec

Carol – 27min 32sec

Nikhita – 36min 40sec

Terence – 36min 40sec


Krishnan – 54min 32sec

Nora – 1hr 03min 17sec

Sriram – 1hr 26min 29sec

21.1km 2 XU RUN 

Men Open – 1hr 19min 48sec (Came in 3rd position)

Coach Rameshon – 1hr 28min 13sec

Mariviv – 1hr 28min 13sec (Came in 4th position)

Sumathy – 2hr 28min 18sec

Hong Kong Standard Chartered Marathon (21 Feb)


36min 33sec

Tan Mariviv – 41min 30sec


1hr 34min 25sec

1hr 50min 24sec

Edited By Ms Tan !