Haze – Dread of a runner

Haze – Dread of a runner

Haze – Crosses 290 today. 

My only advice to people is to pray that the psi goes down. There is power in prayer. Let us hope that there will be some rain to clear this detrimental haze.
In a way, this new psi reading of 321 at 10pm is causing runners to find for some direction in running. With this kind of haze level, I would think many times before training. At 5pm the haze was 146, hence I had to train with low speed training, maybe a very slow jog.
My advice is to think twice of doing workouts. The gaseous exchange that takes place in our lungs will be to our disadvantage. The reason for us to train is to get oxygen in and let carbon dioxide go out of our body, not otherwise by inhaling carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide etc. 
Studies have shown that when a person breathes in pure oxygen there is a performance improvement and there is a significant difference in performance as well as compared to a person running in normal air condition.  
Training with the high psi will affect our health.Stay cautious, with psi between 150 to 200, I myself will consider many times whether to train or not. I will use my intuition on whether to train or not. Sometimes, I may not train for even for two/three days if I do not feel comfortable about the situation. 
My suggestion to friends out there is to train outdoor when the psi is 95 and less. When you do intensive, training, you have to ensure that you do are not affected by the haze from the symptoms you get. After 100 psi, it is good to go indoor instead. 
If there is a need to train outside consider slow running or walk/ jog or even a brisk walk instead. If the psi goes above 200, you may have to do even indoor training in a safe manner. Consider brisking walking. Again this is inter-individual. I suggest that you have to keep looking for symptoms of haze so that you do not fall sick in the event you keep training when physical discomfort sets in.
If you are still unsure, you can consult a physician. In my training days of my past, I used to do this.
All the best to your training. 

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