Head Stand – King of Yoga Posted on March 11, 2018

By Rameshon

Head Stand – The King of Yoga


Picture 1 – The glorious headstand (My favourite pose)

One of the poses that made me to do well in running is the Head Stand or better known as Sirshashana Salamba in Sanskrit. While I was training in my 20s, I taught this to those who wanted to improve in running. Harpreet Singh, Li Tianye and N. Ganesan were taught on this pose which has many benefits which cannot be counted. For those teenagers who want to grow tall, this pose is an excellent pose. It is this benefit that got me going into doing the head stand as I was the shortest in class in secondary one and two.

During my days as a student of St Joseph’s Institution, secondary one or two, there was one fortunate incident where I was taught by our band teacher in-charge by the name of Joseph Rodriguez on head stand. He took us for Physical Education on that day. He did it with ease and showed us a perfect head stand and told us to practise and eulogised the benefits to us. We, as students were guessing that he may have learnt it from Bro Joseph Kuan. Bro Joseph went for further studies in the U.S.and came back to teach us Geography. We heard Bro Joseph Kuan narrating stories on mind over matter.

At the same time, I used to see my brother Vijayarathinam doing this pose on a sofa. I became facinated with this pose. I started doing this pose against the wall first. I started improving on this pose. Then, one day I read a book that told me to go to a corner of the room to do to improve on head stand. Later on, I read another adventurous book which told on steps to do at the center of the room. I did accordingly and learned it fast. I learned to slowly stay at this pose from 1min to 2min and eventually was able to hold the stand for 10mins maximum.

The Head Stand is the best pose in Yoga and at the age of 16 I was interested in doing this pose. In the Army, sometimes I even do this stand for 10 minutes. I go to a solitude place and do it, after my Army training, when we have to stay-in. I had to do this in solitude because otherwise people may be surprised to see me inverted and say that I am mad. Over time, I kept doing this head stand once a week. Subsequently, at the age of 20 – 25, I did it when ever I needed to improve in my posture and running. During the 10 advanced courses in yoga that I have gone through, some of the time we had to do this stand.

What I found in this exercise is that my spine becomes straight, to the point that there is improvement in normal posture when standing or walking. During running, I have a natural gait in running that allows me to flow when I run. I tend to look in front while I run. Hence, there is more air going to our lungs because of this. More air means more oxygen eventually going to our lungs. There is better diaphragmatic breathing which automatically takes place.

The best thing about this exercise is that when a person is in this pose, one do not have to do pranayama (breathing technique). There is deep breathing exercise when one goes into this pose. Since, it is the king of yoga, most of the yoga postures are in this asana (pose) itself. There are innumerable and countless benefits that one can accrue from this pose.

Benefits of Head Stand

The headstand increases circulation to the brain, which in turn improves intelligence and memory.

It increases vitality and confidence.

It reduces sleeplessness, dullness and fear

It promotes hair growth by increasing circulation to the scalp.

It helps to put the spine into correct alignment.

It restores the position of vital organs by reversing gravity.

The quality of sleep is improved.

Enhances concentration.

Improve internal organ function.

Nourishes the skin of the face.

Calm the body and mind.

Relieve stress and tension.

Strengthen the shoulders and the upper back muscles.

Tighten the abdominals.

Bring better circulation to the neck and brain.

Help varicose veins.

Increases stamina.

Edited By Tan Mariviv