Health Care – Individuals are worried about cost Posted on October 10, 2018

By Rameshon

Picture 1 – The notion is, by taking part in events, an individual becomes independent to exercise so as to avoid Health Care cost in the long run.

When I was in Hwa Chong Institution doing my research on Sports Participation in one of the Singapore school, for my Masters in Education programme, the topic on Health Care was interesting. It showed that we will need to take at least 10 billion in a decade and it is a heavy price the government has to bear.

As for the individual, so long they take care of their health, the government giving subsidies for Health Care will be reduced.

I have met some who have emigrated from Singapore to other countries. The reason they give for migrating is usually on Health Care. They find that the cost is less or zero in other countries as compared to Singapore.

As such, it is wise for organisers of races and sports to focus on Sports for all as well and organise races well. In my research, on Sports Participation, I found that if individuals go for events related to sports, the more they go, it motivates them to stay in sports or to do exercise, and it can become exercise for life.

Hence, I am going to focus on writing on feedback that the public have given me on race organisation. Many have told me that the races are organised by individuals who are driven by profit rather than with the spirit of volunteerism. We hope that event companies do take precaution on organising races and events well to enable the public to enjoy the benefits of a good organisation of events, leading individuals to exercise in an independent manner.

Edited By Tan Mariviv