Hong Kong Marathon 2018 – Flexifitness Perform Well Posted on January 21, 2018

By Tan Mariviv


Picture 1 – Flexifitness Runners in Hong Kong

We were assisted to come here to Hong Kong by Dr Gordon and his wife, Jamie. While taking care of their children, 3 of them, Ean, Evan and Ethan, both of them took good care of us as well, so that our race preparation is on target. I would like to thank them for this. Last year, they also assisted us. We are appreciative of their caring effort.

I am happy to say this as today I was able to do a personal best time of 41m 29sec for 10km in Hong Kong Marathon 2018 Event.

As for last year’s Hong Kong Race, my time was 43min 48sec. It is a 2min 19sec improvement. In 2017 Hong Kong Marathon Event, I realised that it is a good idea to know the terrain well. Coach Rameshon was able to give me more hill trainings to counter problem of running about 4-5 hills in total.

Other Flexifitness athletes who did well are Mr Roger Goh and Mr Collin, both did 1hr 50min 23sec and 1hr 50min 24sec, respectively, for the half marathon category.

Coach Rameshon, after a pull behind the knee, before Stanchart Marathon race 2017, stopped training for six weeks. For the last three and a half weeks, he did some conditioning and ran the Hong Kong Marathon for completion. He did this as a test so that he can commence workout in the coming months for future races, aiming to do a sub- 3 hours for marathon soon.

In the marathon race, Mr Heng and Mr Kelvin Wong ran the marathon race and clocked a personal best time. Mr Heng’s in last year’s Hong Kong Marathon time was 3hr 50m before joining us. This year, he did 3hr 18min. A massive improvement, indeed!

Mr Kelvin Wong, was one of the rare two runners from Flexifitness to do personal best time while others could not. He did 3hr 29m in Singapore Stanchart Marathon 2017. In this year’s Hong Kong Marathon, he did 3hr 25min. 

Ruben Loganathan, 16, ran the 10km race and did a 30sec improvement. He did 36min 33sec. Last year, he went out too fast into the race and got himself tired for the final stretch of 10km.

I would like to also congratulate Jamie for her 10km run, in 1hr 21min, despite the need to babysit most of the time. Also to Dr Gordon for his valiant attempt to negotiate the upslopes and down slopes and did a 5hr 31min 24sec for the marathon.

We have Darren Tan, who was supposed to run 10km, who ended doing a half-marathon, instead. Since he was two weeks sick, he decided to do the half marathon as it was fated. It was a great surprise that he did 1hr 34min 25sec. In the midst of running, he had to go to toilet as well. It is a solid run by Darren Tan.

Moonlake Lee, Dr Ansgar’s wife did 1hr 01min 50sec for 10km Run. 

Last but not least, is Saranniya, who despite very low mileage training finished the race in a credible time.