Honouring Tan Choon Ghee – Former National Record Holder for Marathon Posted on February 26, 2018

By Rameshon




Picture 1 – Tan Choon Ghee (right), with me (left) in MacRitchie Reservoir

On last Sunday, while going for my long run, I saw Tan Choon Ghee. We had a chat immediately. However, as I only did 15km and needed to run more, I had to say,” Goodbye” and continue running. 

However, just before we part, we talked about Yvonne, his wife, still the current national record holder for marathon, 2hr 34min done in SEA Games in Chiangmai, 1995. Besides, we discussed on many things, briefly, all within 5min. Tan Choon Ghee told me to come for next week for 15km MR 25, 15km, run so that I also can chat with him. I told him that it was difficult to see him the next week and to talk. Finally, I took his aunt’s phone number to keep in touch and continued my own run. 

The one of the thing he talk about in our conversation was on the national record for marathon that he broke, which at that time belonged to Ramasamy, 2hr 36min. Tan broke it in 1990 in China and the time he did was 2hr 34min. Within a month, I broke it in 1990 Hong Kong Marathon, coming in overall 5th position in Men Open category of the marathon race, with a time of 2hr 31min. He told me that he was feeling sad that it lasted for a short period. I felt sorry for him.

After seeing him, I thought of writing on how I learnt from him on the importance of mileage building up of stamina, when my mileage was sadly inadequate.  He is one of those who shared what he had learnt. 

Edited By Tan Mariviv