How to run in hazy conditions

How to run in hazy conditions

Haze –  To improve in running, one must consistently train. 

As the above title states, my job is to see many people do not stop running and lose the effects of training. Please continue training. The best solution is to train in the gym as they are air-conditioned. I have written this essay to suggest my opinion on training, before they continue training, using my experience. Please look out for tell tale signs which are symptoms of haze when you are training and always train safely and do not take high risk. All the best to your training!

Training in Hazy condition.

As you can see, a number of Singapore runners are about to race in Gold Coast Marathon, Berlin Marathon  and KL marathon 2013 very soon. They have been working very hard. The only problem is that it is hard to train in the haze if the psi is 90 and above. 
Judging from my experience from my past training, before doing 2hr 34min 02sec in Singapore International Marathon 1994, I faced several day to day problems in terms of setting my goals to break the record and also to do well in the SEA Games 1995. I was bent on training using alternative methods.
Firstly, I do my best to monitor the situation and run under a situation of below 90. I will do easy runs instead. If I see that the psi hits 70 to 80, it is at this point that I don’t mind doing a workout. Usually, I do the workout in forested areas.  I used to run at MacRitchie Reservoir, instead of roads etc. The only problem with Mac Ritchie Reservoir or forested areas is that after 7 30pm, it is difficult to run as it will be dark to run in. I prefer running in the morning and do my longer runs there.
My experience shows that by running in Mac Ritchie, we tend to inhale fresh air, especially in the morning. Before running, it is important to know the PSI so that one is not affected by the symptoms of haze. 

Mac Ritchie is filled with many trees and
plants. They give off oxygen and negative ions that help clean up the
air.I did not face any problem in haze condition of 90 and below. 
 There is a second option in training if I am in doubt. When I see a haze condition with 90 and above, I will go and do training indoor, especially when there is workout to do. We usually suck in these pollutant when we do tough workout and it is not a good sign to do outdoor if the haze psi is very high.

We should in fact head to your nearest gym and step on a
treadmill or an elliptical trainer. There are some gyms that do not
require a membership and you only need to pay per entry, if you don’t
wish to commit long-term, such as ClubFITT. You can go online to find out on this in SSC website.

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