Importance of Good Nutrition for Performance

Importance of Good Nutrition for Performance


         Coach Rameshon with Guangyang Secondary                              Cross Country Team in 2014


Since our Secondary school days, Coach Rameshon has always been sharing with us on having good nutrition intake, as it is vital for performance, and even to stay healthy.

Daily his believe is to eat 80% healthy and 20% unhealthy. In this way, he says that it is more sustainable to live in this world and it is to be pragmatic. He always tells us to include fruits, especially berries as they are high in anti-oxidents, vegetables, brown bread and brown rice.

He mentioned that white bread or rice has a higher glucose level, therefore it is good to give energy, but it may give early boost of energy, may not be later into the exercise. One of the way he makes himself to run longer is by consumes food with higher sugar level, such as chocolate, just before a run.

In this Interview, Coach Rameshon shares with us more about Cardo Loading with us just few days before the race. I was interested in putting this up as it will interest the public as a whole.


Interview with Coach Rameshon

How to encourage one to pick up exercising or keeping fit?
Exercise and fitness for life must be the objective! One must know that the bones and muscles will be strong because of exercise. Health is also one form of wealth. Diseases will be avoided and prevented if one exercises and one can save on Medisave!

What is your daily food intake?
I take either brown bread toasted with light spread of butter or vegetarian Bee Hoon, for breakfast. Lunch, I take brown rice with dal curry, which has amino acid. I also include yogurt in my food. Dinner I eat wholemeal biscuit or vegetarian thosai (an Indian food)

How important is carbo-loading?

It allows one to have more glycogen loaded in the muscles and liver for running fast and there will be extra energy towards the end of the race.

For this race did you carbo – load?
Yes, I did, that was why I could somehow complete even though I had wanted to stop during the race.

How important is food intake for performance?
The last three days it is important to carboload. Many have misunderstanding on carboloading. For Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday one should have taken usual good with inclusion of a bit more food which has protein and fats. Last three days Thursday, Friday and Saturday it should be more like brown rice, brown bread, fruits, salad, spaghetti, pasta, potatoes etc should be consumed!
The last part of the race, one will not go much slower, especially towards the last 10km of the marathon race!

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