An Important Announcement – Flexifitness Stand on Doping Posted on August 23, 2017

By Rameshon


It is important not to miss test on doping and cooperate with officials

This is to inform athletes and sports people, locally and the world, out there, on the stand that Flexifitness has, on doping and to those who miss doping test, as well.  

It is time that, after knowing about Lance Armstrong’s avoiding of doping tests, again and again, and then winning the competition, and the public to be fooled to believe that he had won. It was only through his past training mates that we come to find out on doping. Later on, Lance himself admitted. Before admitting, Lance was found to have destroyed lives of people who were innocent as they had reported this to the public, over time.

So, the stand we have means that if a person keep missing dope test, with no valid reason, it is a very good sign that he or she has doped or use banned substances like steroid etc. Else, we find that there is no reason for missing. As such, for integrity and ethical reason, we will not feature any name here for missing even a single doping test, and making the officials to keep finding on their whereabouts.

As athletes, it is wise to cooperate and don’t end up as Lance Armstrong. We are firm in this so that in future our children learn the correct value of winning and good values that can translate to their own lives, and be happy, rather than they win by cheating and getting medals for the country, and which translate to cheating themselves, the government and the country, in other areas, over time.  They should be ashamed of themselves that they have won medals and amplify their victory, but in actual fact what they did not tell the world is that they have missed the test and procrastinated the test date, like done in Olympics by East Germany in major games, to avoid, and not being caught and win in the end.  

In the past, we know that world class sprinter Ben Johnson took drugs, and we denounced it, as it is wrong to cheat in Seoul Olympics. Later on, we found out that Carl Lewis, the opponent of Ben Johnson admitted that he had taken drugs to win numerous gold medal in Olympics to win. 

Bulgarian Weightlifter Velichko Cholakov, an Olympic medalist, on 20th August, 2017, was found dead at age 35. He was found to have suffered from heart problems. He was given four year ban for drugs in the past. He won gold in European Championships in weightlifting in 2004. He was part of the Bulgarian weightlifting team who had to pull out as they failed the doping test. He was caught for banned substance anabolic steroid in the body. Many Olympic medalist have been found to be dead between age 35 and 40, and this has been documented.

The scary part, recently, was Russia finally admitted that their coaches could only train with drug, and as such has been strongly considered by the world sports bodies to be given a ban for the coming Olympics, unless they come clean. 

It was also noted that many of the WWE, World Wrestling Federation wrestlers were found to be dead, on average, between age 35 and 45, as it was strongly believed that they have been taking drugs. Ultimate Warrior was found dead at a young age of 51 as it was found by the wife that he took 7 injections per day. He was found dead for myocardial infarction.

Hulk Hogan who was the hero of WWE later on admitted to doping and later changed his name to Hollywood Hogan, as he knows that he is not a hero of his fans anymore, as he was cheating, all along, using drugs. 

The above examples demonstrate the effect of doping. It is important not to miss any test. It may be time that parents come forward to ensure that their children are safe from banned substances, like steroid, and not only allow coaches to make decision in this. It is important for authorities to ensure this.