Impression – Mr Kesavan Soon Posted on December 25, 2017

By Rameshon


Picture 1 – Kesavan Soon, middle from the back row

I had a runner by the name of N.Ganesan who joined me, when I was a school cross country coach in Clementi Town Secondary School. I was also training as an athlete at that time in the early 1990s.

N. Ganesan was doing 16min 46sec for 5km and wanted to compete and win the race from Victor and Abimanyu, for under 18 age group race for cross country and he won.

Later, he went to army, and was not able to train much. With the assistance of Mr Kesavan Soon, I believed that N.Ganesan will do well, hence he did 15min 41sec for 5km track race in year 1992 in Singapore Open while I did 15m 31sec at that same race.

With that kind assistance from Mr Kesavan Soon, N. Ganesan was able to do 14min 57sec for 5km.

I felt that Mr Kesevan is one of the two known, and feel that, they should be honoured. One of the two people whom I feel that have left great impression is Kesavan Soon and the other is actually Mr Lim Jit Imm. I will write about my experience with Mr Lim in another blog as this post is dedicated to Kesavan Soon.

This was edited by Tan Mariviv