How to Improve Standing Broad Jump? Posted on October 25, 2018

By Rameshon

How to Improve Standing Broad Jump?

Firstly, the standing broad jump is a jump which has a ballistic action, which involves the engagement and recruitment of glutes muscle, calves muscle and predominantly the quadriceps muscle. Having strong feet will give one a very good push off from the ground. It is advisable for  a person not to do this when one reach the age of 40 and above. 

1. One should lift up from the ground by giving a good push off by the feet. The engagement of quadricep muscles at this is very important.
2. While in mid-air, once should bring one’s hand as high as possible to bring the center of gravity up.
3. While in mid-air, one should bring the knee to the chest, engaging the hip-flexor muscle to work. This will allow the further extension of the legs when landing. One can land further with this action.
4. Upon landing on the ground, one should land and at the same time bringing the hand forward and place it on the ground, so that one do not lean backwards and fall back.

My Experience in the Army

I remember as a long distance runner, I was only focused in running 10km, half-marathon and marathon. In the army, I failed the standing broad jump for the NAPFA Test. I was told by the instructors during my recruit days to do tuck jumps. Over time, from about 190cm, I was able to jump 243cm in a span of 3 month. I was doing about 5 tuck jumps once or twice per week.

Over a period of time, with Loughborough circuits done in England, in the University of Loughborough, when I wanted to jump further for the standing broad jump, I had to resort to jumps which had a lot of variety. Some of the jumps which will help people to jump further in standing broad jump are given below.

1. Do this on alternate days.
2. If Sunday is the test date, one should rest on Friday and Saturday.
3. One should be able to see results in broad jump if done for 6 weeks.Within 2 weeks one could see results.
4. One should not do this daily. Resting on alternate day will give the muscles to recover.
5. If it is impossible to do this exercises on alternative dates, one could do at least one week once.
6. Weight reduction for overweight person allows one to jump further over time.


Picture One – 25metres one leg hop on the right leg and then hop on left leg for 25 metres.

Picture Two – Tuck Jumps (5 times). Knee should touch the chest when going up

Picture 3 – Star Jump 5 times. Jump as high as possible as you come up.

Edited By Tan Mariviv!