Increasing Activity – Date of Completion of Resource is Important

Increasing Activity – Date of Completion of Resource is Important

By Rameshon

Picture 1 – Planning should be such that not all resource is cordoned off so that activity can persist. 

I was at a stadium and there were some constructions going on, some at staircase, some at fitness corner, and some at basketball scoring area. In the past, whenever, I turned to people for an answer, it was found that no one knew on the end date of competition. The lower echelon officers are also not able to tell the date of completion and they told us to refer to the higher echelon officers. Some told us to e-mail the question. One must give an answer off the cuff instead of referring us here and there. This has not stopped.  

As Health Care is important, for all aging Singaporeans, whether it be fitness corner or volleyball court etc, there is a need for one to label the completion date, as it is usually labelled very clearly by construction firms in building areas.

In the past, there were witnesses to courts that were for very long term under construction and unused for 6 months. We did call the personnel on this. It was also hard to get the personnel as there were no clear cut answer to this. Sometimes we are channelled to others to answer to this question. 

In reality, there have been a field under construction for 4 to 6 months, and there were several witnesses to this. However, there were no label on construction end date. In stadiums, it is good to label this as the public will then think that the problem to be solved will be short term or mid-term. Some in fact, give up to exercise and they do not go back to the stadium anymore. 

It would be good for construction firms handling sports facilities to put up a label like a billboard, to be prominently displayed, to enable one and all to see the facilities when the construction is going on and state the end date of competition.

I have seen in some stadiums cordoning off of some sectors, liberally. When this is done, it is hard for people to sit at an area where they have been comfortable and there is need to co-exist in putting the belonging near to one another and this may cause theft to take place. We should not disturb the police in doing this and may be give suggestions to solve amicably the construction of an area so that the wide space is used by one and all. 

Construction, construction and more construction, just agitates people and they may not come to the place to exercise anymore. This is how one can give up on exercise and fitness. Officers could plan such that most parts are not under construction and only some parts are under construction, and this would allow many activities to be taking place in stadiums. 

It frustrates the public to see that till now, the date of competition of a problem area is not brought to light by the construction firms. However, it is the duty of the officers handling the project to enable the public to be aware of the end date of the project.

To put everything in a nutshell, I would like to say that it is a good idea to put the date of completion in front of the public eye, as the officers handling would actually know the end date and on when the public could enjoy the facilities. I am not sure why this is not done and some suggestions has been given by me and my friends to improve the service such that many will be able to exercise and as a whole, we can bring down the cost of health care. 

The truth is, it is a well known fact that people who exercise are able to be more independent and be self-reliant when they age. This action by the authorities will drastically cut cost of the people who need health care cost in the future. The economy will have a big budget that can be saved. It is a good karma for officers to make people aware of the fact on when the resource can be used and the exercise routine can continue in a fluid manner. One should go extra mile to prominent display the end date of a construction area such that a huge number of Singaporeans will finally exercise to benefit what accrues from staying active, throughout.

Edited By Ms Tan !

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