Increasing Activity – Important to have Track Officers

Increasing Activity – Important to have Track Officers


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By Rameshon
(Masters In Education, University of Western Australia, 2005 – 2008)


Reducing Healthcare cost is an important part of a country’s objective, as the economic benefits derived can be, within few years, wiped out if it is not looked into, as the cost can just keep ballooning for a country, all the time. Recently, nearly all countries are not able to stomach the problem of handling health care cost and this issue has become an important election agenda, in numerous countries. 

Current Research shows that when one is very active, in the past, especially when they were young, in a later stage of their life, one has a great chance of being active in the future. The same goes for those who are active, in their youth days. Later on, in life, they become quite active. The quite active, during the youth days, will become inactive, instead, and this is real. Also, by and large, the inactive will become inactive, eventually. So, it is important to start our youth by being vigorous and very active so that our habits, over time, will be such that we will continue in the working world as, an active individual, in the midst of our numerous projects being given. One has the drive to find a balance between work and fitness.

Therefore, activity is a prime concern for many countries, and, therefore, by me and others, giving some feedback for changes, may benefit a number of people, who usually do not report sick at work and they keep working with good health and fitness. In this essay, I shall discuss how to increase activity if we have the required number of sports officers in a number of stadiums without sports officers present.

Thus, I shall start from the subsequent paragraph on how to increase activity. I hope you enjoy reading as I am also a public who would like to see many out there who do not face problems but to end up exercising.

Sports Officers managing a Stadium can increase activity. 

While I was in a stadium for a run, a friend, who is a physician, by professional background, came to me at a certain stadium and told me that some boys are playing on the lanes of the track. Immediately, I looked up to see. I saw a group of schoolboys, and they were seen playing soccer from lane 2 to lane 6 of the track. They were playing for not 1 or 2 min, but they were playing for about 15min. There was practically no one to stop this disruptive activity.

As soon as I saw this, I had to call the phone number of an officer and I was told to go to a guy in the stadium to talk. I saw a guy sitting in a room. He was wearing a blue t-shirt. He went to tell the boys to go out of the track, only to see the boys coming back to play again. Hence, it clearly shows that there is no proper structure in the management of the stadium. I told the person on duty to act again against the soccers boys playing on the lanes, and the duty personnel just told me that he is just a sweeper. He told me that the kids do not listen to him as he has no power at all. I told that the swimming pool officer said that it was his work to chase them out of the track so that the track users can use the track, without any form of hindrance, such that there is fluidity in the activity.

This, moreover, just shows that people will not be able to exercise properly if there is hindrance to their activity and they do not have anyone to tell their problem. Some of the public, when asked on why they do not exercise, they have told me that it is hard to run on the track. As for the soccer boys, between lane 2 and lane 6, when they were chased out, it was found that there was maximum usage of the track by the track users. 

At the same stadium, I saw a Bangladesh sweeper and told the problem in the past. He told that he cannot tell people to stop as he is just a sweeper, although he is doing the duty of looking after the stadium in the evening. The Bangladesh sweeper left and was taken over by a Malaysian Malay sweeper who also left after ironing out some issues with the soccer boys at the track lane. The issue becomes such that there is no officer certified to stop the track users who disrupt activities by playing soccer on the track lanes. 

I have also seen in the field of the same track, some footballers who endlessly keep kicking the soccer ball and the ball just kept going to the fitness corner all the time. There is practically no one to stop this and the track users who abuse by frequently kicking long shots always escapes from being warned not to do it. I have seen track users who are joggers, while using the track, stopping to pick the ball. Some of those running on the track had been seen to be hit by a soccer ball to their body, Sometimes people fend off of the ball and they do it in an impromptu fashion, to keep defending oneself, from the onslaught of the oncoming ball. These random soccer boys, who actually did not book the field, should be asked to stop their activity if they pose a threat to safety to the track users.

Therefore, it is advisable to have an officer to be present to stop activities that deter others from using the track. If the public runs on the track and they are affected by ball coming to them often, they may feel distracted and may not want to go and run on the track anymore. This is not fair for the people who want to exercise and keep themselves fit so that they are self-reliant and independent in the long run through exercising. This helps in cutting down health care cost, finally. 

Installing an officer into a stadium would be good as it cuts cost on Health Care as the stadiums can function well. A number of stadiums have officers, but still, in some stadiums, this is a far cry from being a reality to see an officer in the stadium. The many keep exercise, it only brings the habit of more exercise in the future. Hence, it is wise to put officers throughout a stadium and the benefits that can be accrued are manifold. There are many distraction and safety lapses if officers are not around and I shall write this in my next blog post.



By Narayanan
Rameshon has taught in Hwa Chong Institution, plus several schools, and Republic Polytechnic as well. He has won many accolades and he was awarded Merit Award for 1991 marathon performance in breaking the national record of Singapore, at that time. He has made 22 male athletes to do marathon in sub-3hrs. He has made 7 female runners to do sub-4 hours for marathon, as well. He was inducted to the ‘Roll of Honour’  by the then College of Physical Education, organised by Singapore Olympic Academy, in 1998, for breaking the National record repeatedly 4 times, till he did 2hr 24min 22sec).

He also has a Coaching group and he trains them on Tuesdays and Thursdays, 7pm at Botanic Gardens. Those interested can call him at 91004369 for coaching assistance, to improve performance. There is also personal training that he does for many in a week. You can e-mail him at

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