An Interview With Coach Rameshon : On Anti – Doping Posted on August 22, 2018

By Tan Mariviv


Picture 1- Coach Rameshon says that steroids has side effects.  

Athletes all over the world are training with fuel that comes from food. Most of the athletes are trying to optimise the performance with the right nutrition. As such, the performance improves. However, in order to expedite recovery, instead of 24-48hours, one might one to recover by 8 to 12 hours, so that the workout can be done, people succumb to taking steroids or performance enhancement drugs. Also, rest in between workouts can be shortened. I saw a video which showed East German athletes taking drugs and it was state sponsored. That was why the East German athletes kept beating the West Germans, in the past. Now, both countries are call Germany.

The problem is it has some side effects as there are some cases of some leading to dying of the athletes at an early age and other side effects. We can see that the average lifespan of WWE wrestlers is about 35 to 45 years of age, and it is appalling. The wrestlers admit to taking steroid finally, before death. That is one good thing they did before they die, which is to repent.

Recently, Lance Armstrong told that he did not take performance enhancement products, and in time to come it was shown otherwise. So, we realise that Armstrong did cheat in his race all along, and this is unfair for a clean athlete who perform in race, but was not able to win.

In Singapore, we have Anti-Doping, and it is managed by ADS. Coach Rameshon has written to them on pre-test before the Stanchart Marathon, last year. The winner was assumed to be tested. However, there are people who claimed that Coach Rameshon said this and that and thereby misquote him. He has kindly come forward to address this issue.

I did put out the questions to Coach Rameshon and he has kindly answered in an interview form.

An Interview with Coach Rameshon 

What do you think about performance enhancement drugs?

It makes a person improve faster and also within workout bouts, one can be ready to do the next bout, quickly, as the body is able to recover fast. However, there are some side effects which could affect the athlete in the pursuit of excellence. IAAF forbids certain enhancement drugs like steroids. Nevertheless, some athletes take and this was seen in the recent endurance world events like the marathon itself. I seriously think that it is wrong to do this as it may endanger one’s body and also it is called cheating as an athlete has unfair advantage over another athlete, who has a disadvantage of recovering faster.

How about Anti-Doping Singapore?

I have written to them and they have answered me last year and I am satisfied with their answer. There is random testing and pre-test as written to me. So, I do not have any objection on the victory of last year’s winner of Singapore Standard Chartered Marathon. Our former captain of Flexifitness have written to our athletes whether they see any unfairness. No one felt that way and told that there is no need to address the issue with ADS. As such, it is fair that the winner should not be questioned as no one has any complaint on this. The right authority that they should go to and complaint on drugs cheating is ADS.

How about comments given by one or two people on the winner of Singapore Stanchart Marathon?

There is one guy, by the name of Joe K.S. who wrote to me on a winner taking drug. Firstly, I did not respond as I find that the person did not write to me and reveal themselves. It is like an unknown person writing to me and I am writing to the unknown. Also, I feel that the person is a coward and the person should reveal oneself and not keeping hiding behind the cloak.

This thing on drugs and drug testing should be brought to ADS. I am satisfied, our runners have also shown satisfaction. and on the issue not to be brought up. I happy with the way the ADS is doing and Joe K.S. should learn to trust them and in fact reveal the identity and write to them instead for truth and fairness. Also, taken note that I do not respond to unknown people. This platform is to clarify everything.

Are you happy with Anti-Doping Singapore answers?

I am fully satisfied and I have no issue. In the past, I had queries so I have sent out an email and they have ironed it out. However, so far, I did not hear any issue from any athletes from Flexifitness.

Who is this Joe K.S.?

I really don’t know. However, some have told me that it must be one of the top marathoner in Singapore, may be one of the fastest, and people think it is me. Let me declare, I am not the one. Also, I have never met this Joe K.S.

Can you give your suggestions on performance enhancement drugs like steroid?

It tantamounts to cheating. If athletes take, they will also have the values of cheating which they are going to pursue ‘Whatever it takes to win” approach in jobs and life as well, and this is not good for the environment to have peace and harmony.

It is good not take steroid, as, when an athlete gives up sports, they will not be able to escape the detrimental effects and side effects from drugs, which could lead to long term injury or permanent injury. Athlete can have some success now with steroid, but nature will takes its course over time, and it is actually advisable not to take steroids.