An Interview With Coach Rameshon (Part 1) Posted on July 19, 2018

By Pramod Kukanur


Picture 1 – Rameshon receiving 3rd prize for Men’s Open  from Dr Bala

As I have told you earlier, that I will be giving an interview to Rameshon, finally time has come for the public to hear him out. He is still our current National Record Holder for the marathon, 2hr 24min 22sec set in Thailand, Chiangmai South East Asian Games, in 1995.

He has been all along coaching kids and adult in running, ranging from sprints, middle and long distance as well.


Picture 2 – Rameshon with Tan Mariviv at the finish line of 2XU Run

Very recently, at 53 years of age, I have noticed, that Rameshon, had finally decided to start to do well in running for his age, after so long of not running intensively. It was in February this year that he has started training. Rameshon also coaches top runners. His protege, Tan Mariviv, has done a fantastic time of 1hr 28min sec for 2XU Half – Marathon, this year and she came in 4th for the Women Open. It was also the first time Mariviv running in Half Marathon. 


Picture 3 – Rameshon hopes to encourage age 50 and above to do sub-35min for 10km, to go beyond limitation

A few months back, I realised that Rameshon was weighing 68kg, around January 2018. He is now ranging between 58kg to 60kg. Let us hear from him on his thoughts and the next step that he is taking towards fitness and running.

An Interview With Rameshon

What is your age now?

I am 53 years old now.

How was your performance in running last year?

For the past 3 years, I was practically been coaching and did not have time to train intensively. The only thing, I did was to keep myself fit.

What kind of time have you been doing recently?

In Hong Kong Marathon 2018, on Jan 24, I did 1hr 55min and a 4hr 12min for the marathon distance.

At that time, what do you think your season best for 10km would have been?

Seriously, I don’t know. I would be happy if I could do 50min for 10km.

Can you share with us your personal best timing for 10km, recently?

I have not done any form of sub -50min. As I ran the Gold Coast 10km on June 30, I knew that my season best was 42min 55sec. I did a solo time trial and did 42min 29sec for 10km run in a uphill and downhill sandy trail. At Cougar Cross Country Championships, last Saturday, with no veteran category, I decided to run in Men’s Open. I did 4min 05sec per km and attaining an overall time was 34min 45sec for 8.6km, one second faster than our Flexifitness former captain, who ran for us last year. So, I feel that I am improving as our former captain, is believed to be good runner.

What is your projection and thoughts of the future?

I am wondering why veteran who are 50 – 60 years of age are not able to do a sub-36min for 10km. Even a sub – 35min is still possible. So far, I have not heard any who wants to go for the time, except for sub-37min. In some countries, a number of older athletes can do it. Am hoping someone can do it. Only if there is no one, I am willing to take up the challenge to do it!

What is your next race?

I will update this in my website, do look out for my interviews.

Edited By Tan Mariviv