An Interview With Coach Rameshon (Part 2) Posted on July 20, 2018

By Pramod


Picture 1 –  Rameshon hopes to encourage age 50 and above to do sub-35min for 10km, to go beyond limitation

During the Cougar Cross Country Race 2018, at the start point, Dr Bala wanted to announce that Rameshon was running the Men’s Open Race. Rameshon on the other hand, gestured to Dr Bala, not to, and Dr Bala adhered to his request. After the race, Dr Bala, announced about both, on his and Rameshon’s achievement.

Dr Bala told that Rameshon’s record has been there for several years and that the latter has a personal best of 31min 46sec done in 10km race, Loughborough University, UK. Rameshon has seen Helen Gilbey showing a newspaper cutting of Dr Bala, having done 10km in 31min 26sec. The two gentlemen, although were not given support in running in the past, they were two out of 5 Singaporeans to do the sub-32min for 10km. Both runners were the two top athletes of Swift Club, and Swift Club always remembers them, as Pioneers of Swift Club.

Having said that, I will now put up the second part of Rameshon’s interview answers.

An Interview With Coach Rameshon

How do you find the running circuit of Loughborough University/UK, and in Singapore?

In Loughborough University, or in UK itself, the races are very well structured. There are five to six 5km races on a Sunday and one can pick and choose. There are a number of 10km races and they are well organised. In Singapore, it is important to find a Singapore Athletics sanctioned race. It is hard to find one and the distance of the races are thus questionable.

How do you find the timing in Singapore races and overseas?

I have discussed this with fellow club or group members like the Singapore Shufflers and so on. We have similar opinion. Overseas, races timing have improved tremendously, especially in the Western Countries. The timings so far in Singapore is not that fast and we seriously need to pull our socks.

What is best for people if they find races not sanctioned by Singapore Athletics?

To join a running group and do time trials, rather than races, in order to keep improving in timing, as time is precious, unless the race distances are accurate.

What happens when the distance is not accurate enough?

Then, one has run a race with wrong distance and wrong timing, this will not allow one to achieve one’s goal, in the long run. It  is like a pilot without a compass. 

What is your take on races in Singapore, especially the Stanchart Marathon?

I do not fathom running the Stanchart Marathon here as it is hot and humid. One will not be able to get a good time easily and have to work extra hard to do it. It is not that I don’t like people running here, but, looking back, I have improved my time by running in cooler climate condition, and I choose on how my heart feels, and it is wise to run in cooler climate. For those who want to succeed in excelling in Singapore races, it is wise to train in hot climate, which may not allow one to succeed to get one’s life time best. However, one can keep winning, if one does not bother about timing.

How is it possible for 50 plus years to do a sub – 36min for 10km?

That is why I am here. At 43, I have done a 10km time of sub-36min, while doing 15km in 52min 30sec. Daniel Ling and Dr Benedict Tan have witnessed this, in a time trial. On that year, 2008, I also won the Men’s Open category for the Stanchart Marathon. Anything is possible! The only way to show is for me to show and I believe I can do it single handedly.

Edited By Tan Mariviv