An Interview With Head Coach of Flexifitness : Rameshon Posted on May 9, 2018

By Pramod

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It is in Cougar’s Cross Country Championships 2018 that we came to know that Rameshon is the current national record holder (Singapore) in marathon. While Rameshon was asked to come forward to give out the prizes for girls under 17, just before that Dr Bala, Vice President of Singapore Athletics, told the entire crowd about this. We all know that Rameshon has done proud for Singapore, in the past, and I felt honoured to know that he is my friend as well.

Not only that, I found out that Rameshon was the one responsible to coach N. Ganesan to help expedite the process of breaking Jaqtar Singh’s national record for 5000m. In the past, N.Ganesan’s time was 16min 46sec. Within four months, while doing National Service, in the army, Ganesan trained and did a time of 15min 41sec in Singapore Open in year 1992. Later Paul Rainer took over N. Ganesan to a 15min 06sec for 5000m track. Rameshon assisted Ganesan again by giving some additional intensive workouts to N. Ganesan to make him do a 3min 58sec for 1500m and also to a 14min 57sec for 5000m, by making him do some short repetition hill workouts. Hence, Rameshon did not only break the Singapore Marathon record, but also assisted N. Ganesan to break Jaqtar’s 5000m national record. Even the year 2003, National Schools’ Track and Field Championships, age group national record for 3000m of 9min 21sec, which was done by Jeffrey Ng, has not been broken by any athletes in Singapore.

Moreover, Rameshon has brought 21 athletes to a sub-3hrs, for marathon performance, while we have 4 of the athletes who have done sub-2hr 40min in marathon so far. Till now, I have not heard any other coaches in Singapore who have this achievement.

He also cured my heel problem which was bugging me for 6 months when a doctor told that there is no cure. My weight went down by 11 kg through his effort to help me reduce weight. I have also heard numerous athletes having passed the sub – 5 hours for marathon barrier.

Hence, it is a noticeable thing that with this long standing track record that he has, we are amazed as he does not crow about any of his achievement, when someone meets him. Hence, I find that it is about time that people come to know about him and get some of his suggestions as he has Masters in Education from The University of Western Australia (2005-2008).  He also  has a degree from Loughborough University for PE and Sports Science (1992-19094), while breaking the National Record twice in year 1993, while his friend Balasubramaniam, 2hr 33min, for marathon, gave up running.

It is a good thing for people of Singapore to learn from experience as he has developed numerous runners who are and were successful in Singapore, through a question and answer session. Please look out for it.

As Standard Chartered Marathon is coming, Rameshon is one of the best person for one to do well in Stanchart Marathon 2018. He is going to discuss on many things like , about Flexifitness, managing companies like Run One, Nutrition, Heart Rate, Hydration during training and during race, training etc. Watch out for it!

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