An Interview With Rameshon (4th November 2018) Posted on November 4, 2018

By Tan Mariviv

Picture 1 – In POSB Run, Mr Rameshon did 39min 55sec for 10km.

In 2018 POSB Run, recently, in 8 September Mr Rameshon came in with a time of 39min 55sec for 10km. He came in 6th position in the Men Open Category. After doing that, he brought his time for distances between 300m and 1500m. Being still the current national record holder for Marathon, with a time of 2hr 24min 22sec, done in 1995 South East Asian Games in Chiangmai. some have asked me on what his next plan is going to be. So, I have decided to do an interview so that people are aware of his next step.

Picture 2 – With competition, Mr Rameshon is hoping to do well for all long distance events.

An Interview with Rameshon

What is your personal best for distances between 300m and the marathon?

I have done the following:

300m – 42sec

400m – 53sec (This was done in POND Relay, 556 metres in 1min 19sec.)

1km – 2min 39sec

5km – 15m 31sec

10km – 31min 46sec

Marathon – 2hr 24min 22sec

What races have you run so far?

I have spent my time on doing my own time trials. In Cougar Cross Country, I came in 3rd in 8.6km Men Open race. In 8 th September POSB Run, I did 39min 55sec and came in 6th in Men Open category.

What is your plan for the year?

It is to do a 10km race in sub – 36min by end December. I have done 1500m 4min 58sec, 800m 2min 21sec, and 400m in 1min 02sec. I am hoping to run a marathon in the near future, before March 2019.

How about the kids in your programme?

Many have done well. Some have broken records. In POSB Run, our kids have won some prizes and this is encouraging.

How about for adults?

Out of 3 races, in Women Open, Mariviv has done well by coming in first in CSC Run and POSB Run, for women open category between the age of 18 and 29 year of age. Our focus in the past, all the while has been on Men Open. This time, our focus is on Women Open.

Picture 3 – Team work led me (left in photo) to become champion in CSC Run and POSB Run for Women Category, age 18 and 29 years of age.

What is your pull up scores like?

My best score as a young adult, at the age of 31 was 13. I can do 8 now. I have done 13 about two months back.

What is your opinion on races in Singapore?

Drastic improvement in race organisation in running a transparent race is of utmost importance. Races must be fair and must be organised such that no one goes wrong route.

What do you want to suggest to the public, as a form of sharing?

To do a sports that will lead one to good health and fitness. One’s quality of life improves if one exercises for life.