An Interview With Rameshon : All Options on the Table Posted on August 17, 2018

By Pramod Kukanur


Picture 1 – Rameshon says that Mariviv has already made rare inroad into Singapore Athletics with 1hr 28min timing in 2 XU Half- Marathon

Tan Mariviv’s Coach and Flexifitness Head Coach, Coach Rameshon, 53, has been preparing her well for long distance training, this year. The focus is to condition her for this year and for the next. He is hoping that she improve more in running, and to keep improving in speed. Through him, she has done 1500m of 5min 07sec, done in Flexifitness time trial. Moreover, she has done exceptionally well by doing 41min 30sec in Hong Kong 10km race 2018. In 2 XU Half – Marathon 2018, she came in 4th with a time of 1hr 28min. Rameshon told, “Mariviv is the most promising runner that I have seen so far in my life and she is disciplined in training.” “You can see this as she has made the inroad at this teenage, 18 years of age.”


Picture 2 – Tan Mariviv, at 17 years of age, does a 41min 30sec in Hong Kong 10km, Marathon Race 2018

Having said that, I have tracked Rameshon’s running progress. He told me, “I have done a final sub-4min pace per kilometre for some of my steady runs. ” “I will not be concentrating on winning the younger top runners, but people who are 40 years and above.” I decided to give Rameshon an interview so that the public are aware of his next plan in running. Recently, he has given his time posted. I find that so far, he is the fastest runner for age 40 years and above in Flexifitness.


Picture 3 – Rameshon is 53 years now, but he is still able to lead a group of younger and older runners of Flexifitness. In yesterday’s 1min x 15, with 1min rest, he is still the fastest of all Flexifitness athletes, young and old.

An Interview With Rameshon (Current National Record Holder :2hr 24min 22sec)

Who are you training now?

I am now training a group of Flexifitness athletes who do training at our training ground, and some elite runners, outside Flexifitness, but they will not have to come to my training ground to train. As time have passed, my focus is now on training Mariviv, as compared to all Flexifitness athletes, she has shown the most potential to improve and do well in running. Her fitness test scores shows an uptrend.


Picture 3 – In Cougar Club Cross Country, Rameshon came in 3rd in Men Open race, just a mere 13 second away from, a much younger Jing Song, who came in second

How about your training and improvement?

Throughout my life, I am wondering why people cannot do sub-17min for 5km for men veteran. There was once, after retiring from running, I was training twice or thrice with Dr Bala, Donald, Khoo Chin Poo, and Ernest Wong. That was several years ago. At veteran age, I ran the 5km in Singapore Open and beat Bhaktier, National School Cross Country Champion, and did a 16min 46sec for my race. I just trained three times per week at that time, in early 2000s.

This time, I believe, since there is no Singaporean to do a sub -17min for 5km, I will do my part to boost the confidence of fellow veteran athletes, that, to do this time is possible.

When will you do the impossible sub-17min for 5km for Men Veteran?

I think, this year itself, by end of December, or by another 9 months time. It is sad that some of the top runners were not able to do this possible time. Since there are no takers, let me be the one to do it first. At 43 years of age I came in first in Stanchart Marathon 2008, for Men Open.

What is your aim in Marathon timing ?

To do a sub  – 2hr 30min sooner or later.

Can you do a sub-2hr 24min?

It is yet to be seen and all options are on the table to do it and I am not afraid. I feel excited to try to better my time of 2hr 24min in the future. Let us just wait and see!