An Interview With Tan Mariviv – U20 Girls Champion in Cougar Cross Country (Part 2) Posted on July 21, 2018

By Pramod Kukanur


Picture 1 – Coach Rameshon (left) with Tan Mariviv (right), who did 10km in 42min 55sec  in Gold Coast Marathon.

An Interview with Tan Mariviv

What is wrong with Management companies as they are trying to help out athletes?

I believe that Management companies are trying to woo athletes by maybe aligning possibly with some authorities and make the athletes not to cooperate with the coach. If this is so, there is no transparency in Singapore Sports.

My question is, how on earth is the coach not supposed to know and be aware of the contract between management companies and athletes. I find this is wrong. An athlete must not allow this. If I am the coach, I will be very angry.

What makes me more angry is the fact that the athletes they take. The management companies do not have faith in who they have taken and work on them. Rather, they keep searching around for people like me and this is not fair. They should stop this! It also shows that they do not have faith on those who they have taken. If they always want a particular coach’s athlete, and it is the same coach’s athletes that the management company keep ‘poaching’, that means that the coach is great. That is what it means, by the actions of the management company. The coach is like a Swiss Bank for the Management company. If this is the case, it is wise to bring in the coach to make a deal.

Another point, is, I have seen that many athletes attribute their performance to the coach. But nowadays, I see that it is otherwise and the management company gets the credit.

What is your stand as this may result in you not able to represent Singapore?

So be it, if this is the system in Singapore Athletics and for SNOC, I will not miss out on anything. I am just interested in improving in running and I do not lose anything. I also do not bother whether they care for me, as I would like to just run as fast as I can and there are other alternative avenues to do it. I think that these are some of the reasons why my coach broke the national record of 2hr 24min 22sec in 1995 Chiangmai SEA Games and it has remained unbroken till date. He thinks differently and it is great to hear his words of wisdom. I have achieved a lot because of him. Recently, I did a workout and it was a new personal best and I attribute the success to his clever planning.

Why are you not positive about management companies?

There are mixed messages they send. One time, they say that they are managing only. But what I see is lactate test, and coaching all together. In a meeting, I myself heard the managing guy saying that he is a coach to one of the top runner. This is very very wrong!

What are your thoughts of your hope?

Coach Rameshon has shown time and again that he is still the current national record holder for the marathon. He has developed 21 people to do sub – 3 hours, which shows that I am in the right track. By choosing another track, I derail my own progress. I believe that seeing his track record, he is the best person that I can find to enable and empower me to do my life time best. I have seen and have witnessed for myself a top runner, who do not belong to our group, saying that Coach Rameshon is the best person that he can turn to in order to go to the next level at the top. He believes in what we have done for the country and not what the country has done for us.