Jasmine Tan – 4th in Singapore International Triathlon 2013

Jasmine Tan – 4th in Singapore International Triathlon 2013

Jasmine Tan – Does Personal Best time and was 4th in Singapore International Triathlon 2013

 By Saranniya

 Jasmine Tan, 33, a Graphic Designer by profession, is commited to training with us, especially in running. She meet us regularly. Usually, she does not miss any form of training session in our programme. We had two runners running in the above event from Team Flexifitness. While Ranjith W. has done a personal best time, Jasmine made us proud by coming in 4th in the race. I decided to interview her on her feat in this race. 

Picture 1 – Jasmine Tan (left) and friends

 An Interview With Jasmine Tan

What was the race called?

 Cold Storage Singapore International Triathlon 2013

What does it entail? 
The 3 sports that are involved.
1500m (swim), 40km (cycle) and 10km (run)

What was your target?
 Was aiming for 3hr or below

Can you tell us on your split times? 
39:47 (swim), 1:26:52(cycle) and 1:03:01 (run). The total time taken was 3hr 09min 40sec.

Are you happy with the time? 
Was a little upset with the timing as I thought I could have ran faster if I didn’t get and sprain foot at the start of the race.

How did Team Flexifitness training have helped you so far? 
(Please be frank with your opinion). 

My running improved quite a far bit from before. Coach Ram make me run faster than I could ever imagine.

How was the weather?
 It was raining in the earlier part of the race but cleared up during the race.

How was the support? 
Okay, but it could have been better.

How was the terrain? 
Swim was fine as the sea was quite calm, cycling was a bit dangerous as there were a lot of shape bends, run was okay.

What is your next move in triathlon/ironmen/running? 
Ironman 70.3 will be next.


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