Improvement in running – Comes from improvement in Nett Time

Improvement in running – Comes from improvement in Nett Time

By Rameshon


Picture 1 – In Cougar Cross Country race 2018, none of our athletes got the time wrong.

In Singapore, I have noticed that many do not really understand the difference between gross and nett time. As such, this may lead the organisers to be biased towards the team that they want to support. In overseas, this has happened in some countries.

In one of last year’s cross country race, held in Singapore, it was found that the organisers were asking one of the team on who they are etc, and where there members are from and so on. This happened after the race. Some of the individuals in our team did tell who they were.

After some time, instead of getting third position for the team event, the organisers were biased towards a tertiary Institution team to come in third and our team to be fourth for women open team event race. When our athlete went to tell the organisers on the mistake, they were ignored. Only when one of our women athlete who is a leader started to raise her voice on this, and eventually our team was given 3rd position for team, after a proper count. The organisers were reluctant to acknowledge us as third. In truth, it was found the tertiary institution, which I will not mention here, and the organisers were and are good friends. I believe that as race organisers, one should run a race in a fair manner and not cheat the public. Some club members have told me that the races, some of them are run in biased manner. It is sad to hear this.

As for individual position in a race, it is time that one to know the difference between gross time and nett time. I have frequently noticed that when one sees that the nett time is slower than the gross time, they are satisfied as they don’t understand the meaning of both terms. It is sad, as the organisers are not passionate enough to enable the public to be aware of the meaning between gross and nett time.

One should key in both terms and see. They will get the answer and it is consistent. ONE MUST KNOW THAT NETT TIME IS ALWAYS FASTER TIME AS COMPARED TO GROSS TIME. Please take note of this. No way, the gross time is faster. If it is so, it means that the organiser has made a mistake or is pulling your leg, trust me! If they have made a mistake, if the organiser has integrity, they will apologise for their mistake and make amendments.

I have checked with numerous websites and the meaning is consistent.

Gross Time – Wherever the people are, when the gun goes or the flag off takes place, in a race, the time is taken from where they are until one reaches the finish point.

Nett Time – After the start of the race, when one runs and cross the start line, somewhere, a few metres away, there is chip time in front and the time is taken, which is their own individual time, till they finish the race.

Hence, one will be able to know whether one has done a personal best time or not. Nett  time, is the reason why many run the race. Some may be 100m away from race and the nett time helps in getting the correct timing.

Gross time is actually for those who want to win top 10 in the race. In 2XU Run, the announcer informed us on any potential top 3 runners to come to the front, before the race, as gross time was taken as the decider for winning a race. An organiser must announce this and they must put runners of same standard to be bunched together. In a race, many race organisers must consider this announcement even for the kids race. I don’t see this in any race and this is sad as we do not know the true winner as if a top runner is right behind, they are victimised in the race as they have to overtake many runners unnecessarily and finally tiring them in a race. I remember, that in the 2 XU half – marathon, after making the announcement for top three potential runners to come to the front, only one or two came to the front, as many do not want to go to the front and run too fast in the race and they may not run well.

What happens when one is 100m away, and the race starts. It is highly unlikely that the person is going to win as a big crowd of runners will be blocking the runner and it is hard to snake one’s way to the front of the pack. Therefore, it is hard to win the race. However, nett time allows one to know their correct time, as their time is only taken after crossing the start line.

As in Singapore, many runners have been running, they sign up for a race in order to get a good nett time. It is very important for race organisers not to make any form of mistake in nett time as the runners have trained very hard for a race, sacrificing time, money and effort as well, and it is imperative to be responsible and be ready to reimburse back money back for getting wrong timing for the runner.

We also hope that when a race is over, there must be an IT expert engaged to get the result out as fast as possible. In overseas, we can see that computers are out there for one to check their respective result, immediately after a race, and it is not an expensive for the organiser to engage this service.

Races should not be just raising fund, but it should be made more meaningful for passionate runners to get a good time in a race, and this responsibility lies on the organisers.

Edited by Tan Mariviv

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